Meet Skinny the 41lb cat in need of a new home (and plenty of exercise)

  • The five-year-old kitty, who suffers from diabetes, was rescued last week
  • The obese tabby cat weighs as much as the average four-year-old child
  • His new owners will need to monitor his health and exercise routine

By Daily Mail Reporter


Don't be fooled by the name: Skinny the cat is one hefty feline. And all 41 pounds of her needs a home.

A Dallas-area animal shelter has cared for the 5-year-old orange tabby since getting a call about a stray in a yard about a week ago.

But now the 'special needs' animal is looking for a loving home and going up for adoption.

Big kitty

Big kitty: Shelter worker Josh Polando, holds up the well fed cat

Fat cat

Fat cat: Skinny the cat suffers from diabetes and will need to undergo a strict diet and exercise routine

Kim Chapin with Richardson Animal Services said on Friday that Skinny is 'very sweet' - and the largest cat she's seen in 21 years with the shelter.

Not surprising.

U.S. government growth charts show Skinny weighs about as much as the average 4-year-old child.


Skinny weighs an average of 25 pounds more than the average feline. But the Texas cat isn't the heaviest kitty on record.

Himmy the Australian cat tipped the scales around 47 pounds, according to Guinness World Records, which retired the category to discourage the overfeeding of porky pets - The Dallas Morning News reported.


Not so Skinny: The obese tabby cat weighs as much as the average four-year-old child

Sitting pretty

Sitting pretty: Skinny enjoys some down time but his caregivers say he needs to get some exercise

Cat love

Cat love: Skinny enjoys getting attention at the Texas animal shelter where he is being looked after

Chapin says Skinny appears healthy except for being overweight and likely having diabetes.

He is listed as a 'special needs' cat and his new owners will need to closely monitor his diet and exercise.

Another worker for the shelter, Noura Jammal, described Skinny as a 'loving cat,' adding that he 'loves to have his belly rubbed.'

'He really needs to exercise, go to a vet and go on a diet,' she added. 

Chapin says somebody apparently had been caring for the cat but officials aren't sure who owned the huge kitty.


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@hepcat89 - we had to do the same thing a few years back. Our kitty got those fluids for a few years, and was relatively happy - in other words, we didn't force her to live a miserable life for selfish reasons. She finally got too sick - it was her time. She wasn't at all overweight - her kidney problems were, IMO, due solely to feeding her dry, high-carb food her whole short life (she was about 14). We didn't know back then, and thought we were doing all we could to prevent kidney disease. All you cat owners - get them off the high-carb, dry food. They are carnivores and need moist, meaty food. Make sure it is low/no-carb, grain and gluten-free, and preferably human-grade meat, not rendered meat by-products. Brand name doesn't matter - dry food kills cats, and it isn't good for dogs either. Not to disparage vets - we need them, but I have read (by other vets) that most vets get their nutritional knowledge from pet food representatives who frequent vet schools.

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He looks like he might have eaten his owner....

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I really HATE it when people say "my cat only eats" or "he likes it". Do NOT give your issues to your pet. If he lived close I would take care of him. We had to give our "kidney" kitty sub fluids for the last year she lived. If you gave her one or two treats she would just sit there and look around. Took about 20 minutes. She did not weigh 41lbs.

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- Phil, Groveport, ============== I have the same problem with my cat (crystals in his urine); he won't drink enough water; we've tried everything but you can't make a cat drink if he doesn't want to so every day we sit him down & using a syringe, squirt water into his mouth; it only takes 5 minutes; this way at least I know he's getting 20ml of water into him and that seems to do the trick for us

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How do you get a lazy cat to exercise? My cats do what they want, not what they're told!

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His hind legs look a bit scruffy, they need a brushing because the poor boy probably can't clean himself properly with all that weight in the middle. Cats take a lot of pride in their looks (as do birds) -they are preening machines!

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@ Yoko - You, like me, are one of the very few people who have a cat with a sweet taste bud. Tsega loves porridge, cakes, biscuits too, while Orion thinks it smells disgusting and will try to burry it in disgust. Only 10% of cats have this ability, and yes it's weird sharing a biscuit with boy!!

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Cats are such funny creatures. I'm not sure how to get them to exercise. The most mine gets is when I put her outside and she runs back in. Food is limited and she still looks like a ball with feet.They get very lazy.Good luck Skinny new parents. - little hawk, bruceton, 22/9/2012 4:47 Little Hawk, it's not exercise she needs for weight loss, it's no more dry commercial food. Like humans, there's no way you can burn enough calories to lose weight unless you first get the diet in order. Commercial food, especially the dry stuff, is loaded with carbs, which cats DO NOT need. Even in humans, carbs make you fat if you get too many, and we DO need some. The exercise is good for her, but it won't help her lose weight. Get her on canned food only, that has little or no carbs, grain or gluten, and make sure the meat is human-grade, not meat by-products. Look-up "rendering" if you want to know what meat by-products are - it's mind-blowing that such garbage is allowed to be sold as pet "food."

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You also can't make them lose too fast or it affects their kidneys. I have three now & can't handle another one. I hope someone will at least foster him. He needs to be in a home .

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Cat's don't have owners...they have staff

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