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Engage121 Launches Version 2.1 Now Integrated with Facebook Ads, Traackr and SocialFlow

Norwalk, Conn, February 9, 2012 —Engage121, Inc.’s social media management software now offers direct integration of Facebook’s sponsored posts, making it easy for users to add corporate and local Facebook advertising to social media marketing campaigns; seamless integration with SocialFlow and Traackr, two of today's most influential sources of social media intelligence; and a compelling new dashboard design.

Jon Victor, CEO of Engage121, expressed the belief that, “our clients’ interest in social media is now focused on achieving critical – and measurable – business metrics, such as increasing traffic at local store outlets, realizing efficiencies in new product introductions and lots more. Our new integration partners are the key to powering many of these solutions.”

Growing demand for streamlined access to Facebook features, like point-and-click creation of sponsored posts, continues to shape the evolution of Engage121's flagship product. And, Engage121 plans to offer additional Facebook ad formats to meet the demands of its user base.

Capabilities like SocialFlow and Traackr represent Engage121's continuing commitment to opening its social media management application to data and technologies that meet the needs of its users. SocialFlow provides Engage121 users with immediate feedback on how well their messages will resonate with the current social media discussion environment, and then pinpoints the optimal posting time to achieve maximum community impact. "The integration of SocialFlow into Engage121 makes complete sense,” states Michael Chin, VP Marketing at SocialFlow. “SocialFlow delivers real-time optimization and content scoring – taking the guesswork out of when to publish on Twitter and Facebook. We believe this partnership will help Engage121 users realize maximum impact from their social media engagements.”

Traackr identifies the key influencers that matter most to each user. These influencers are then integrated into each Engage121 user’s account so important conversations are never missed, and opportunities to participate in relevant discussions are always presented. “Momentum in the online influence space reached an all-time high last year and has no evidence of slowing down. Businesses now see the value in engaging with influential voices in relevant conversations, and that’s exactly what we deliver,” said Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO, Traackr. “The integration with Engage121 is going to give users unparalleled support to all the needs of implementing a complete social media campaign and we’re very excited about its potential.”

As corporations and agencies struggle to keep pace with the exploding potential of social media, interest in and adoption of the Engage121 application continues to grow. The company posted a month-over-month sales increase of 40%+ from October 2011 through January 2012 and is on target for continued growth. Feedback from both corporate and agency clients credits the application's user-friendly interface and robust multi-outlet management capabilities with driving their buying decision. Ongoing product development reflects the company's thought leadership in social media management and ongoing product leadership in social channel integration.

For more than a decade, Engage121, Inc. has been working with global brands and organizations with multiple locations to address their communications needs. From that experience, the company created the most comprehensive social media management application available. In addition to the Agency Edition, the company offers Enterprise, Corporate, Small Business and Outlet Editions. For more information, please contact

About Engage 121, Inc.
Founded in 1998, Engage121, Inc. offers the most comprehensive social media management application for global brands, agencies and organizations with local sales outlets. Its flagship product, Engage121, enables organizations to monitor, evaluate and respond in real time to social media activity across the widest range of platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as consumer review sites and blogs. Engage121 also allows content deployment in a centralized, controlled and compliant manner. For more than a decade, the company has provided a suite of media and communications services to over 1,000 businesses and organizations and brings this wealth of experience to its social media clients. For more information, please visit

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Mark D’Andrea
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