How To Opt-Out Of Receiving Automated Welcome DMs

As you know, SocialOomph users can automate their Twitter accounts to automatically send welcome DMs to their new followers.

As a past or potential recipient of those DMs, SocialOomph offers you a super-easy way to opt-out and never again receive an automated welcome DM sent by SocialOomph.

Please follow the steps below:

1)  Log in to Twitter.

2)  Follow @OptMeOut.

3)  Wait for @OptMeOut to follow you back. @OptMeOut will send you a DM to tell you it has followed you.

4)  Then send a DM to @OptMeOut. (You can write whatever you want in the DM, it does not matter.)

5)  After sending the DM, unfollow @OptMeOut. (This way your opting out remains private since you won't be in the list of @OptMeOut's followers. We will unfollow you as well.)

SocialOomph will, within a few minutes of you sending your DM, stop sending you any further automated welcome DMs. You will receive one last DM to confirm that you've been opted-out.

You do not need an account at SocialOomph to opt-out. Anybody on Twitter can opt-out.

Your decision to opt-out remains private. We will never disclose it to anybody, unless required by law.

If you ever change your mind about opting out, please submit a Help Desk ticket and ask us to remove you from the opt-out list.

SocialOomph users, you will still auto-follow the people who have opted-out. They just won't be sent your welcome DM.