The 10-second life coach: Your actions really can make you happy... try it out!

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From salsa to swing, dancing made people's mood lift

Take action: From salsa to swing, dancing made people's mood lift

Can your actions make you happy? It seems so. Dr Peter Lovatt, from the University of Hertfordshire, ran a ten-week experiment to examine the effects of dance on mood.

Each week, he taught volunteers a new type of dance and then asked them to rate their mood. From salsa to swing, he found that everyone’s mood lifted. The results revealed that behaving as if they were happy made the participants feel better.

Try your own happiness experiment. First, take a few moments to list ten activities that make you feel good. Here are a few questions to help you put your list together.

Do you enjoy spending time with others? Which of your friends are the most fun to be around? What activities do you enjoy? Which sports do you love? Do you enjoy long walks, painting or visiting a museum? If you had a free evening, would you go to the cinema, the theatre or stay in with a book?

Do you enjoy helping other people? Perhaps working for a local charity?

Do you like seeing the funny side of whatever happens to you? Do you enjoy playing silly games? Are there particular people or situations that seem to encourage this behaviour?


Write down your ten activities on paper, then screw each of the pieces into a ball. Place the balls into a box. At the start of each week, randomly select one of the pieces of paper and make sure you carry out the activity within the next seven days.

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Smashing advice bro. "Do what you enjoy doing", why didn't I think of it myself.

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Just smiling will instantly lift your mood, even if you don't feel like smiling :-)

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everyone knows that exercise lifts your mood already. Its easy to be happy once you are doing things in my opinion its having the motivation to start doing something to make you happier people struggle with i think

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Or is it because exercise is known to lift your mood - the Mood Disorders Research Program and Clinic at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas has authored several studies that show regular exercise can reduce depressive symptoms¿in one case by up to 47%. The theory is that it can change levels of chemicals in the brain (such as serotonin), just as antidepressants might.

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Ok here goes. 1. Chocolate 2. Chocolate 3. Chocolate 4. Chocolate 5. Chocolate 6. Chocolate 7. Chocolate 8. Chocolate 9. Chocolate 10.Chocolate

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I knew it but it is not the dance or the actions that made me happy - it is the MUSIC , the sound!

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Nothing new. How do these people manage to get these cushy jobs, where they are paid to point out what we already know ?

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