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Thanks Keep It Green Maid Service!

Apr 14, 2012 by Julie
Keep It Green Maid Service

Thank you so much for all that you do to keep our apartment looking beautiful each week! We love having you and appreciate you cleaning our house.

Best Houston maid service!

Aug 24, 2011 by James
Keep It Green Maid Service

As long as we live in Houston we will make sure that YOU are the wonderful people that help us make our home as beautiful as it is now. We will also be recommending you to everyone that we know. You have done an amazing job again. I just want to make sure that you know how much we appreciate your hard work, and to let you know that it makes a BIG difference in our lives. The level of care that you show for our home, things, animals, privacy, security, and needs is above and beyond all expectations. The only request that I have is that I would like to know what types of refreshments your ladies would prefer most. It is hot now so cold beverages are a must, but I would also like to know if there are any kinds of foods or snacks that they would like to have because they come around lunch time. When we get into fall and winter please let me know what kinds of things we can provide to warm them up. If I don't know what they like I will guess, and as my wife can attest I am a bad guesser. Again thank you so much, my wife is so happy to come home to a clean house and it just makes everything nicer for both of us.

Felt I had to write a review

Dec 13, 2011 by Patricia
Keep It Green Maid Service

I felt that I had to write a review after having Keep It Green come out to my home today. My house has never been so clean! Their maids did a great job I couldn't be happier.

Impeccable Cleaning!

Oct 13, 2011 by houstontexansfann
Keep It Green Maid Service

We purchased three sessions through Groupon to use Keep It Green Maid Service, and they did not disappoint. The two ladies who came to our home were very nice and thorough, and they did a walk through after our clean. We just finished our final Groupon, and will be using their services on a regular basis and we recommend them to all of our friends and family.

Did a great job!

Jan 31, 2012 by Hanna
Keep It Green Maid Service

Did a great job! I had never used a maid service before and decided to give this one a try since I took on a job that requires less at home time. I needed the extra help and really wanted to use a company that was Eco-friendly. Scheduling an appointment was easy and the products used were Eco-friendly, which is a must for me. My home smelled wonderful! I am now recommending Keep it Green Maid Service to all my friends and family who want a clean Eco-friendly maid service. It's nice to know that when life gets a little too hectic I can count on Keep it Green to help me out.

I love their service

Jun 24, 2010 by Heather
Keep It Green Maid Service

I love their service I recently had them come in to clean my home and I was very happy with their services. I've had other people come out to my home who clean the traditional way, but decided to try one of these green cleaning companies in Houston. I called Keep It Green Maid Service, and had them come out to my home the following day. It was a very pleasant experience, and my home was left very clean and smelled very fresh. The lady that came did a wonderful job, and she was very sweet and polite. My cats also didn't do their normal sniffing the air :) I will definitely continue to use them! They were very affordable, on time, and able to work with my schedule.

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