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Coversongs Called Blues: A SMM leftovers post
featuring upbeat covers from the folkworld and beyond!

September 19th, 2010 — 10:27 am

Last week’s songs with titles ending in Blues theme over at collaborative music blog Star Maker Machine may have ended – this week we’ll be posting songs that name a type of bird in their title – but my cup runneth over with coversongs that fit the Blank and Blues theme, including a good handful of folk blues numbers ripe for the picking. No true blues on my end today, of course, but many of these leftovers are quite upbeat when it comes down it – and regardless, it’s good to keep the laments in the air, just so you know where to find ‘em when you need ‘em.

That said, it’s hard to remember when I last had to sing the blues myself. Life is good enough to knock on wood. We’ve finally cleaned our house from top to bottom, making chaos into order to our great satisfaction. The kids, wife and I are spending more time together than ever, thanks to our roles in our local community theater production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. And I’m proud to announce that after two years of unemployment, my wife has found a long-term substitute teacher spot just down the hallway from our own children’s classroom.

At work, for the first time in ages, I have my own classroom to teach in; with the ability to be there between blocks, setting up and checking in, I find myself both less stressed out, and more able to focus much better on individual students’ needs, and it makes a difference for all of us. And our house concert last night with Chuck E. Costa was nothing short of amazing, with a Chris Smither cover that came out great on video.

But the base sentiments of the blues are universal. That lingering sense of doom just around the corner never truly goes away, even in the best of times, and that’s not so terrible, really, as the everpresent anticipation for the other shoe to drop keeps us on our toes. Hearing others sing the blues helps us appreciate what we’ve got, too – that’s one reason people love ‘em. And they’re relevant in the spiritual sense, as this year’s Day of Atonement comes to a close, and I find myself still dwelling on the year’s sins.

Short and sweetly, then, from bluegrass to folk rock and back again, here’s a baker’s dozen of my favorite folk artists covering the blues in uptempo, feel-good mode.

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