Cameron plots revenge on Boris over Heathrow outbursts and warns 'we'll see what happens next time he comes with the begging bowl'

  • Publicly the PM has not responded to the Mayor's attacks but privately he is said to have had enough
  • 'We will see what happens the next time he comes around with his begging bowl,' one No.10 aide said
  • They could put funding Mayor wants on the 'Treasury chopping board'
  • Boris turned his guns on Cameron this week over Heathrow, launching a string of blistering attacks

By Martin Robinson


A hopping-mad David Cameron is plotting his revenge on Boris Johnson after the Mayor moved heaven and earth to embarrass the Prime Minister over his Heathrow 'fudge-a-rama'.

Mr Cameron has kept completely silent following the attacks from his old-Etonian friend but behind the door of No.10 he is hatching plans to retaliate, sources close to him said today.

The Mayor has admitted he knows Downing Street is 'very cross' with him after he accused Mr Cameron of covertly pushing through 'simply mad' plans to build a third runway at Heathrow.

It is not the first time he has gone for Cameron, as last month he told him to 'stop pussyfooting around' on the economy and in May when he was re-elected as Mayor he said: 'We survived the rain, the BBC, the Budget - and the endorsement of David Cameron.'

British Prime Minister David Cameron
 Mayor Boris Johnson

Furious: David Cameron is said to have had enough of Boris Johnson's attacks and is privately plotting revenge after a series of painful attacks over Heathrow

But it appears the Prime Minister has had enough and pledged privately that he 'will not take this lying down'.

'We will see what happens the next time he comes around with his begging bowl,' one No.10 aide told the Financial Times today, 'he might need us one day,' they added.

Responding a City Hall source said: 'It's no surprise Boris holds these views on Heathrow, as that was the platform on which he was elected.'


Mr Johnson will be worried that the Government could make him work harder for funding for expensive London projects like Crossrail - the £15.9billion new rail line set to be built in the capital.

The Mayor has said the High Speed 2 rail route will only get his support if Downing Street fully funds Crossrail, but the Prime Minister could put it 'on the Treasury chopping block'.

The pair are at war over Heathrow with Boris calling on the Prime Minister to rule out expanding Britain's biggest airport 'forever'.

Boris Johnson has his eye on considerable airport expansion, and has told his old friend to stop 'pussyfooting around'

Strained: The two men are said to have fallen out over Heathrow and Boris admitted he knows the Prime Minister is 'very cross'

(L-R) Prime Minister David Cameron hugs and London Mayor Boris Johnson

Happier times: A month earlier the pair were seen hugging but now No.10 could starve him of funding because they believe Boris's attacks have gone too far

Mr Johnson accused David Cameron of presiding over a damaging 'fudge-a-rama' on Heathrow – as it emerged that an independent review of airport capacity will not report back for three years.

The Mayor, who is promoting his own scheme for a new runway on an island in the Thames estuary, said the postponing the decision until 2015 would be damaging.

He said: 'It's just a fudge, it's just a fudge-a-rama and it's just an excuse for a delay – there's almost three years to run until 2015.

'What I worry about is that we are now seeing a stealthy U-turn being carried out which I don't think is in the interests of London or indeed of the country as a whole.'

Asked if he would lead a campaign against expansion at Heathrow he replied: 'You bet I will, yes.'

Expansion: Debate has raged for years over a 3rd runway at Heathrow and the reshuffle intensified speculation there could be a u-turn on the issue

Expansion: Debate has raged for years over a 3rd runway at Heathrow and David Cameron's reshuffle intensified speculation there could be a u-turn on the issue after 2015

Vision: The 'Boris Island' Thames Estuary airport would be capable of handling 150 million passengers a year if built

Vision: The 'Boris Island' Thames Estuary airport, pictured, is w3hat the Mayor wants instead and would be capable of handling 150 million passengers a year if built

He also said this week's removal of Transport Secretary Justine Greening, who was firmly opposed to Heathrow expansion, showed that 'the Government is at least trying to open the door to the possibility of a third runway'.

Conservative MPs, some of whom were elected on the basis that they opposed Heathrow's expansion, are ready to revolt over the issue.

Prominent Tory Zac Goldsmith, a former adviser on the environment to Mr Cameron, said he feared a U-turn on Heathrow was underway.

'I promised people before the election that if the Government performed a U-turn, I would trigger an immediate by-election and that people in this constituency would have a chance to have their say. Absolutely [I stand by that],' he said.

There will be no firm decisions on UK airport expansion before the next general election, the Government confirmed today.

A decision on whether to support any of the recommendations in the commission’s final report will be taken after 2015, new Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said.

Mr McLoughlin said: “This is a very difficult debate, but the reality is that since the 1960s Britain has failed to keep pace with our international competitors in addressing long-term aviation capacity and connectivity needs.”

He went on: 'The Government believes that maintaining the UK’s status as a leading global aviation hub is fundamental to our long-term international competitiveness.

'But the Government is also mindful of the need to take full account of the social, environmental and other impacts of any expansion in airport capacity.'


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That pic of Dave and Boris having a the old adage goes Dave, 'keep your enemies close and your friends at arms length'.

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Now we know why the country is going down the tubes; like blair and brown Camoron is running this nation of ours to suit his own ego. It should matter not what Boris the Buffon says Camoron must still do what is best for the nation, even if that does mean filling Boris' begging bowl.

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BORIS is right if you make a promise re not building another runway at Heathrow you should keep it ,There are airports not too far from the capital; where extra capacity or runways can be built Gatwick and Stansted any further longer term development can be closely looked at by all concerned ,Cameron trying to deprive the capital of money is wrong under Boris or anyone else ,and just childish ,I BELIEVE BORIS SHOULD CHALLENGE FOR THE LEADERSHIP,before the Torys are trounced with Dave at the helm at the next election ,the public are fed up with him blaming everything on the last Goverment without making any headway and moving the country forward under his premiership

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Cameron has no chance, he is a one term failure heading for the back benches once his time is over. - sunbeam, Carlisle, UK, 7/9/2012 17:54. Hopefully not even that!

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Could Mr. Johnson please explain how the expansion of Heathrow will be damaging ' indeed to the country as a whole'. The hugely expensive Londonia crossrail project will be damaging to the county as a whole £15.9B worth of damage that might be better spent in numerous other ways benefitting the 'country as a whole'. Not least education projects, or restructuring the ridiculous PFI contracts with our NHS.

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Elections with no policies become popularity contests, when the mp's put Boris up against cam for pm, you ain't gonna have a job davey boy

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cameron u naughty tory

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OOOhh David you are a stern one!

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Will It be pistols at dawn at the Bullingdon Club ?, Will Clegg be Camerons second ? or will he take flight to Heathrow.

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is Cameron on the toilet here?

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