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motorcycle offers the best motorcycle glasses, motorcycle goggles, motorcycle sunglasses from the best brand name designers of motorcycle eyewear. We offer cool biker sunglasses and sunglasses by Wiley X, Bolle, Serengeti Sunglasses, Bobster Sunglasses, SportRX and Body Specs. Wiley X SG-1 Sunglasses / Goggles with Interchangeable lenses are not only our best selling military goggle, but they are also our most popular motorcycle goggle sunglasses model.  biker sunglassesThe interchangeable lenses allow you to have UV protection during the day and wind protection during the night when you are riding your motorcycle!  Original Wiley X SG1 interchangeable temples and strap are as lo included, and the choice of Wiley X lens colors is also great!  Don't want to stop to change your goggle lenses?  Take a look at our collection of Photochromic Sunglasses with Light Adjusting Lenses. Wiley X LA (Light Adjusting) motorcycle goggle lenses darken on bright sunny days to shield the eyes from harmful ultra violet rays. On overcast days or at night the lenses adjust to clear for perfect optical clarity.  This new technology from Wiley X is also produced using shatterproof polycarbonate. This is much safer than the old photochromic lens technology that uses glass or CR39, as it can shatter if struck by a rock while riding motorcycle.

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motorcycle sunglasses Wiley X also incorporates the new Emerald 4 Anti-reflective coating to eliminate back-lit glare from the sun truly giving the wearer the most functional motorcycle riding lens available. Wiley-X XL-1 Sunglasses Goggles and Body Specs BS Cups Goggles are also super popular less expensive motorcycle riding glasses alternative to WileyX SG1 motorcycle goggles. Many of our customers who ride motorcycles simply choose a great wrap around frame sunglasses with high-quality lenses and use them as motorcycle riding glasses, and Bolle sunglasses are their top choice. Bolle offers durable frames with comfortable nose pads and temples that hug your face during the most demanding conditions. Bolle Sunglass Polycarbonate Lenses are ultra-lightweight and virtually shatterproof - Bolle's premium grade plastic resin lens is 20 times more impact resistant than glass and one-third of the weight. is one of the leading online retailers of high quality top-rated 100% Authentic Rx prescription motorcycle goggles and  prescription motorcycle glasses from Wiley Prescription Goggles, Body Specs Prescription Sunglasses, and Bolle Prescription Sunglasses. We are one of the very few retailers that can offer you not only the best price, but also knowledgeable staff that can help you in selection of prescription motorcycle goggles, and of course, FREE shipping and handling is included as well! What we sell are 100% guaranteed authentic motorcycle goggles that are custom made to your prescription.

Optics Planet is the leading Internet retailer of Motorcycle Eyewear!

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