TrapWire: training courses provide glimpse into modus operandi

Via its training courses (extracts below) we get a glimpse into the modus operandi of TrapWire, the surveillance system that has global ambitions and which shares it’s senior board directors and officers with Cubic Corporation (Defense systems, mass transit smart cards, etc) and Abraxas Dauntless.

Breaking… Trapwire/Cubic/Abraxas/Ntrepid/Tartan CEO, Richard Hollis Helms (ex-CIA) has had his details hacked and published by Anonymous: click here for more. See a Tartan style mapping of all his connections here.

Meanwhile, we can report that the main TrapWire portal is still displaying problems with logins being routed to Also, all the following Trapwire IP addresses continue to be disabled:,,,,,,, (Draw whatever conclusions you like). The photo below shows the building that houses the offices of TrapWire.


TrapWire courses

1. Surveillance Awareness Workshop (SAW) is designed to instruct network and security personnel to use and navigate the TrapWire software system to familiarize themselves with the indicators of surveillance, terrorist surveillance methodologies, facility vulnerabilities and the identification of probable surveillance zones that exist within each facility. The objective is to train network and security personnel to utilize the TrapWire software applications to view their facility the same way as would a terrorist, and then to be alert to the indicators of pre-attack surveillance. This course includes an important Observational Awareness module used to demonstrate, train and elevate the observational and technical skill level of each attendee. SAW can be structured as a half day or full day (with practical exercises) classroom course; and is also available as a half day, self-paced, interactive, web-based seminar.

2. Terrorist Pre-Attack Operations Course (TPOC) is a two-hour training workshop designed for security professionals, law enforcement, military, and any other personnel in a position to observe and report suspicious activity. The workshop will enhance overall security awareness and improve participants’ understanding of terrorist and criminal pre-attack surveillance and intelligence collection operations. Students will learn how to counter pre-attack operations by exploiting the “Terrorist’s Greatest Vulnerability” and gain an understanding of the “Paradigm Shift” introduced by the TrapWire methodologies. Class participants will also learn what information is important to gather when suspicious behavior is observed and how to report that information.

3. Deception Detection and Eliciting Responses (DDER) is a specialized training workshop that is a logical follow-on course to the TrapWire Surveillance Awareness Workshop. It is designed to teach students to detect deception and elicit responses in individuals including those which have been identified by TrapWire as having been engaged in suspicious behavior. The results of such an interview may then be entered into the TrapWire system to ratify or modify the original TrapWire report.

To download a complete listing of all TrapWire courses and related material, click here.

Also, it was interesting to note that according to recently retrieved evidence Abraxas Corporation was “managing sales for the TrapWire system at least as recently as February 2011 – meaning Cubic during this period had its hands on both highly sensitive private information on millions of ordinary people and a networked surveillance system sold to governments.”

Note: for a complete list of GIF files, courtesy of Wikileaks, that mention TrapWire, click here.

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