Speed's mum believes footballer's career contributed to his tragic death

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Gary Speed's mum is convinced her son would not have killed himself if he hadn't been a footballer.

The Wales manager's death shocked the sporting world when he was tragically found dead last November.

And his parents have spoken out for the first time about struggling to come to terms with his death.

Pain: Gary Speed's mum (right) thinks football contributed to her son's death

Pain: Gary Speed's mum (right) thinks football contributed to her son's death

'It’s been absolutely horrendous,' Speed's mum Carol told the Wales on Sunday.

'We’ve got no answers and we don’t know why.

'He was such a private man. If we had some answers we could perhaps come to terms with it a little bit, but we haven’t got any.'

Speed was only 42 when he died and Carol believes his career played its part.

'I wish he’d been a postman,' she added. 'He had a good life, but a short life. If he’d been a postman none of this would have happened.'

Tragic: Gary Speed was found hanged in his garage last November

Tragic: Gary Speed was found hanged in his garage last November

Speed's dad Roger said he had found comfort in helping Gary's sons Ed, 15, and Tommy, 14, in their fledgling careers.

'I’m taking the lads to football and that’s helping me a hell of a lot. Ed’s at Wrexham and he’s playing for Wales under-16s so I’m pretty well occupied,' he said.

'It’s bringing back memories of when I used to do it with Gary and that’s helping me, but Carol’s got nothing to help her come along. She’s really struggling.'

On Sunday, Cardiff City striker Craig Bellamy revealed he has been going through the 'worst time in his life' since Speed died.

Struggling: Craig Bellamy (centre) with Speed's sons Ed (left) and Tommy

Struggling: Craig Bellamy (centre) with Speed's sons Ed (left) and Tommy

The former Liverpool and Manchester City striker, 33, told the Sunday Mirror he has moved out of the marital home he shared with wife Claire and their three children.

He said: 'Losing my best mate has affected everything. I can't believe how hard it is.

'He was the best mate I've ever had. It's sad but unfortunately it got to my marriage. I'm here and she's there.

'I don't know if that's it for us. All I know is that my best mate has gone. I'm struggling. I can't lie.'



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High profile sports stars must find it difficult to adjust to life after the adulation. The Governing Bodies have to do more to prepare young stars for "come down"

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@ cheese & ham , hampshire, 10/9/2012 11:12; Don't be so stupid. When somebody is in the state of mind that drives them to kill themselves they generally, misguidedly, believe the world and their loved ones are better off without them. Think about it. It is not a rational decision, is it, to believe that the taking of your own life wouldn't have drastic ramifications for your family and friends. So rather than passing judgment you (as his family and friends sensibly and compassionately are) should be asking how and why he ended up in such a drastic state of mind, instead of blaming him for his fragile mental state. Or you can just go on demonstrating your painful ignorance of the subject matter by believing that he was somehow being selfish in committing suicide and thus miss the point entirely!

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Gary, this still makes no sense.WHY???

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Suicide amongst men in there 40's is becoming common. Life can be very stressful having a job and trying to keep it, having no job and trying to find one must be worse. Everything so expensive. I think men find it difficult to confide there problems with someone. Bless you Gary Speed hope you have found peace.

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I doubt Craig Bellamy will read this, I wish I could say it to him. My best friend took his own life, and for many years I carried round the grief and guilt over what I could have done to stop him from taking his own life. It took me a long time and a lot of therapy to realise that at the end of the day people are responsible for their own actions and the choices, right or wrong, that they make. If Craig had been able to stop him that day, would he have been in the right place at the right time the next time? How many times may he have unwittingly stopped those tragic events happening earlier by popping round, or ringing for a chat, or ringing up to say "watch me on Match of the Day tonight, I had a blinder!". You can't take on the guilt and sadness for events that were out of your control. You were his good friend, remember the good times, and allow yourself the freedom to forgive yourself for something that wasn't your fault.

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A Footballer, A Postman, A Doctor, A Lawyer, A Shop Assistant, A Manager. Most peoples jobs and lives have different levels of stress. There are even people out there who commit suicide because their job is not exciting enough for them. The goal is to try manage work and home life, finding that balance and happiness in life. No one profession can be blamed!

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With all due respect and sympathy to the family, suicide does not discriminate. I had a good friend commit suicide and he was a laid off construction worker who couldn't come to terms with how to support his family. going forward. In my opinion, there was obviously more to this than having a life in football.

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I remember watching him on Football Focus and the next day being absolutely gutted hearing the sad news. For me he brought a new confidence to Welsh football, something which has been lost now with Gary's departure. He is and always will be a hero to me and I have every sympathy for his family. No one knows why he did it but I hope he has found peace.

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The coroner stated that he was not satisfied Speed intended to take his own life and so Speed's mother is quite possibly correct that this would not have happened if he had not been a footballer. I wonder if she knows why she might be right. In any case the biggest question that remains unanswered is what really happened? RIP Gary.

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Look at the damage this man has caused everyone who loved him? What did they do to deserve this?

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