Chicken Tortilla Soup #SundaySupper

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Soup weather is here.  I am actually excited about this, because I have so many soup recipes I want to try this year.  And after today, that list is going to grow.  This week Susan from The Girl in the Little Kitchen is hosting a  “Dishes That Keep You Warm” event.  So don’t miss all the great soul warming dishes at the end of this post.

I haven’t made Chicken Tortilla Soup in forever.  I made it years ago, loved it, and quickly proceeded to never make it again.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Ok, well maybe not, but I was determined to change that this year.  So when this event came up, this was the first thing I thought of.  It is a little spicy, super adaptable to what you like, and full of toppings (one of my favorite parts of soup).

I garnished mine with avocado, red onion, tortilla strips, cilantro and lime wedges.  The lime adds a great freshness, and a little tartness to the soup.  Sour cream would be great if you don’t like a lot of heat, to help cool it down.  I am not a fan of black beans, so I left that part out, but feel free to add a can of black beans to the soups.  Or bell peppers if that is what you like.  Really, anything goes here!  I have the leftovers in the freezer right now, can’t wait for a cool night to bring it out again.

Now here’s that long list of soul warming dishes I told you about! I also hope you’ll join us for our weekly twitter chat tonight at 7pm EST!

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59 Responses to Chicken Tortilla Soup #SundaySupper

  1. I haven’t made chicken tortilla soup in a long time either . . . I’m re-inspired. Thanks.

  2. I have not made Chicken Tortilla soup but your recipe looks amazing… Looking forward to trying this next time my daughter comes home from college. She would absolutely love it!

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  4. Great soup with a nice spicy kick. I’ve been a fan of Rotel tomatoes for a long time and I am sure they add the right amount of spicy to the soup.

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  9. Love chicken tortilla soup! In fact I just made a similar batch a week or two ago. Can’t get enough of it.

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  14. Cold weather… warm, comforting and delicious soup. A match made in heaven. :)

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  18. I know what you mean when you make something you love and then it gets put on the “list” but never made again. I am always tying to make new things. This year I am determined to go back and make some of the “oldies” again :) thanks for a fantastic recipe!!

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  23. This looks so good. Will definitely add it to an upcoming week of meal planning. Thanks!

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  26. It’s still warm here during the days but the nights are getting cooler and I’m ready for soups! Chicken tortilla soup is one of our favorites;-) I will have to try your recipe;-)

  27. This is one of my favorite soups, yum!

  28. I never made or had tortilla soup, but it´s on my bucket list of course. This recipe is great, so many good ingredients together!

  29. One of my favorite soups!! Perfect for the winter nights!! Delish….

  30. This is my favorite soup in the WORLD! My wife has been begging for me to make some, and I haven’t found a recipe that I like. Yours sounds fabulous!

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  34. The toppings ARE my favorite part of the soup…and this actually IS my favorite kind of soup, so ….YUM! I want a whole pot ;)

  35. This is one of my favorite soups and I love all the yummy garnishes too!

  36. Absolutely lovely flavours! This looks perfect and comforting. The garnishes -yum, I’d have avocado every time!

  37. Now that the temperature has dropped, my soup craving has kicked into high gear! This looks like the perfect way to warm up. (Yes, to avocado!!) :D

  38. I havent made this soup in a while either, so I know what you mean. We have a restaurant near us that makes this all the time. This is great for those days you just dont feel like going out.

  39. I love chicken tortilla soup! It’s one of my top 5 soups and your version looks great! Thanks for joining us this week!

  40. What a lovely bowl of comfort! Love the garnishes as well :)

  41. Today was the coldest day yet! This would comfort my soul and give it a little kick. Looks good!

  42. It looks absolutely perfect, Erin! I need to make this one again!

  43. I love soup weather! This looks so incredibly hearty and comforting! I totally need to try this soon!

  44. I haven’t had chicken tortilla soup in forever! This sounds delicious.

  45. All of my favorite flavors in one soup!!!! I will be making this for sure.

  46. What a fantastic recipe! It looks and sounds soooo good!

  47. OMG I want this soup right now. Seriously. Everything I love to eat is right there in that bowl. I need to make this asap!

  48. Ummm…really a comforting soup / meal. I like the addition of crispy tortilla chips!

  49. This is my most favorite soup of all time! I love trying new recipes for making it too.

  50. One of my absolute favorite soups, I could eat this all the time. I like making it with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving too.

  51. I have been on the hunt for a good chicken tortilla soup, thanks for sharing

  52. Lora @cakeduchess

    I haven’t had this soup in ages…so flavorful and comforting on a chilly fall evening:)

  53. What a great meal for a cold day!

  54. My soup making is in high gear too! Can’t wait to give this one a try, it looks fabulous!

  55. It’s so pretty! I’m totally saving this to make for mom, once I figure out what to swap for Rotel tomatoes since I can’t get them here!

    • A can of regular diced tomatoes will work just great – you will just want to add some jalapenos or other form of spice. I hope you get to try it!

  56. I love this soup but have never attempted making it at home :) You might have inspired me :) Looks fantastic!

  57. I do that all the time too. Make a fantastic dish and never make it agian. It’s probably because we want to put new content into the blog. It’s difficult to make a dish knowing it’s not going on the blog. I topping the soup with avacado!

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