X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 Related Games

    • Release Date: Dec 4, 2000
    Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Arena boxshot
  1. Tekken 3 is the best PlayStation game to come along in a long time.
    • Release Date: Apr 29, 1998
    Tekken 3 boxshot
  2. Bloody Roar 2 is a marginal improvement that still suffers from second-best status due to the exclusion of integral gameplay elements that should never have been messed with.
    • Release Date: Apr 30, 1999
    Bloody Roar II boxshot
  3. Bushido Blade totally redefines the genre.
    • Release Date: Sep 30, 1997
    Bushido Blade boxshot
  4. One of the more original and exciting fighting games this year.
    • Release Date: Oct 31, 1997
    Bloody Roar boxshot
  5. Soul Blade is a great fighting game with its share of flaws.
    • Release Date: January 1997
    Soul Blade boxshot
  6. Combining fantastic graphics and above-average gameplay, Dead or Alive is a fun and challenging fighting game well worth picking up.
    • Release Date: Mar 31, 1998
    Dead or Alive boxshot
  7. Toshinden 3 is what Toshinden 2 should have been - an improved version of the original.
    • Release Date: Mar 31, 1997
    Battle Arena Toshinden 3 boxshot
  8. Evil Zone is a refreshing surprise from a development team not known for fighting games.
    • Release Date: May 31, 1999
    Evil Zone boxshot
  9. This is a good translation of a good arcade title, and fans of the arcade version won't be disappointed.
    • Release Date: Jun 24, 1998
    Mortal Kombat 4 boxshot
  10. The undeniable king of fighting games is here, and it's time to break bones and necks.
    • Release Date: Aug 25, 1996
    Tekken 2 boxshot
  11. A 3D Street Fighter game worthy of its heritage.
    • Release Date: Sep 30, 1997
    Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha boxshot
  12. Critical Blow is a game that is worthy of a US release, but will probably never see the light of day over here.
    • Release Date: Dec 4, 1997
    Critical Blow boxshot
  13. All weapon-based and contains no punches or kicks.
    • Release Date: Jun 30, 1997
    Dynasty Warriors boxshot
    • Release Date: Nov 8, 1995
    Tekken boxshot
  14. All in all, the game is still quite fun, despite the graphical letdown.
    • Release Date: Nov 30, 1999
    Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition boxshot
  15. Tobal 2 captures all of the good points of the original Tobal while making several improvements.
    • Release Date: Apr 25, 1997
    Tobal 2 boxshot
    • Release Date: Mar 31, 2000
    Shaolin boxshot
  16. This year's model comes equipped with sharper character graphics, a simplified, yet more complete fighting system, and best of all, many more characters to select from.
    • Release Date: Feb 28, 1998
    Bushido Blade 2 boxshot
  17. If you're looking for an easy-to-pick-up fighting game that puts a slightly new spin on the old fighting genre, Rival Schools fits the bill pretty well.
    • Release Date: Sep 30, 1998
    Rival Schools boxshot
  18. Rival Schools Fighting Diary 2 shouldn't be considered a sequel to Rival Schools, but it's still a better game.
    • Release Date: Jun 24, 1999
    Shiritsu Justice Gakuen Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2 boxshot
  19. The joy achieved from creating a nice-looking kick is short lived once you realize the countless hours of mundane tweaking you spent creating it.
    • Release Date: May 31, 1999
    Fighter Maker boxshot
    • Release Date: 2003
    Robo-Pit 2 boxshot
  20. While EX2 Plus adds a few features and some new characters to the mix, it doesn't really have the overall flair that made the first game stand out.
    • Release Date: Dec 30, 1999
    Street Fighter EX2 Plus boxshot

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