Crossroads Recommendation

The Crossroads Recommendation is the proposed structure that has resulted from months of structural support analysis performed by the task forces along with the input submitted from numerous scouters within Area 2.  All of the developmental documents and processes that were employed to reach the Crossroads Recommendation are contained in the STRUCTURAL CONCEPT MODELS tab.

What will the Crossroads Recommendation do for the Chartered Organizations, Families and for Leaders of Packs, Troops, and Venturing Crews?

The Crossroads Recommendation ~ Unit Focused Scouting will re-focus the time and resources of Unit Serving Executives and related District volunteers resulting in the following:

  • More people being aware of the fact that Scouting is alive, right here in all of our communities.
  • Our Scout Units getting more attention and service from our Unit Serving Executive and District volunteers.
  • Our Chartered Organizations being better acquainted with our Unit Serving Executive and District volunteers, and having a better idea of how they can support our Scout Unit.
  • Our Chartered Organizations having the best opportunity ever to make sure Scouting is advancing the organization’s  youth and family ministry, or its community service objectives.
  • Receiving improved help in strengthening and growing our Scouting Unit.
  • Lightening our paperwork burden, due to area-wide, state-of-the-art electronic systems.
  • Greater ease in acquiring supplies and turning in paperwork, because there will be more Scout Shops, located closer to where we live.
  • No longer having to limit our Scouting Unit’s outdoor program to only that which is available locally.  The new, area-wide Outdoor Program website will put information at our fingertips, and our Scouting Units can attend any activity in the State of Michigan.
  • Bringing more kids into Scouting  as well as more parents to serve as volunteers.  This will be possible, due to improved marketing and a more visible Scouting image in our local communities.
  • Building stronger relationships with movers and shakers in our community—the people who can really make things happen for Scouting.

These are the major reasons why the Crossroads Recommendation is vitally important to all of us in bringing more youth to Scouting and better Scouting to youth!  Read all about it in the document below.

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    Area Project Recommendation 8-24-11 version; includes the Marketing & Communications Task Force Appendix. Financial Pro-forma is contained in Appendix 2, page 59.