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Mark Horvath


Just a hardly normal guy trying to navigate through an abnormal world by helping others. Founder & . Watch

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Dear Twitter Friends!!! It's 's birthday & she requested donations to the in lieu of gifts. Thank you Katy!!!

Dear , I love the new app. I do! But now the 2 cards I have stamped are no good so I lost 2 free small original with blueberries

Plus you should hear my schtick sometime on the non-profit that chases money rather than seeking stable investment in mandate

(serious question) Is there any hope for private funding? Would it help if services had stronger development operations?

Too often there are funds inappropriately invested in stuff that do not end homelessness, but nobody educated the funders.

Fund fewer organizations, but higher performing organizations. Realign strengths across providers. Invest in change; spend...

Reason most homeless services will never get along, besides the human ego stuff, we are all fighting for same funding scraps. How do we fix?

Until homeless services has a culture change where nonprofits support & communicate with each other technology won't be able to help!

Study: Homeless students in Minneapolis score lower in math, reading tests | Minnesota Public Radio News


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