Splinter Cell convicts 1.9 million, Driver: San Francisco delayed to 2011

Sam Fisher's latest nearly double-platinum; reboot of Ubisoft's car franchise now due in first quarter of next year; French publisher's April-June sales nearly double.

This morning Ubisoft reported its earnings for the quarter ending June 30, 2010. The French publisher reported sales of �160 million ($202 million) during the quarter, a 93 percent increase over the same period in 2009. That was thanks in no small part to Splinter Cell: Conviction. The PC and Xbox 360 game has now sold--not shipped--1.9 million copies, according to the company. The last adventure of stealthy superspy Sam Fisher was well reviewed on Microsoft's console but only fared middlingly on Windows systems.

Ubisoft's report also brought disappointing news for gamers waiting for Driver: San Francisco. The reboot of the car-based action franchise has now been delayed until the fourth quarter of Ubisoft's fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2011. The game will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac. It is in development at Ubisoft's Reflections studio, which created the series in 1999 and was acquired by the French publisher along with the Driver franchise from Atari in 2006.

Ubisoft also offered predictions for the current quarter, which ends on September 30. The company expects to take in �83 million ($105 million), the same amount it made during the same period in 2009. The three months will see the release of two acronym-monikered games: the air-combat sim H.A.W.X. 2 and real-time strategy title R.U.S.E. Both games are in development for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii.

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ruidurao 5 pts

I used to tell my friends that MGS and TCSC were amazing games, because you could finnish the game without shooting a single bullet. NOT ANYMORE!

alext18 5 pts

Arrggg!! Drivers been delayed... I would've traded just about any other game to be delayed for Driver!

BlackBaldwin 142 pts

Driver delayed which doesn't surprise me really since the new nfs game was gonna come out about the sametime driver would have... Too bad through I was interested in seeing what type of ratings driver woulda gotten...

reeree746 5 pts

For how long they delayed that game, they could have made the single player a LITTLE longer.

thenephariouson 221 pts

1.9 Million, exellent! I'm really glad it sold well as its a brilliant game, nice one Ubi'

GabrielOnuris 33 pts

@evaneself Sure, here it is: Video (portuguese and english): http://jogos.uol.com.br/pc/videos/starcraft2wingsofliberty.jhtm?mediaId=starcraft-ii-0402983160C09933A6 Text (portuguese): http://jogos.uol.com.br/pc/ultnot/2010/07/01/ult182u8398.jhtm There will be a REAL full version, but it's a limited edition; btw, Blizzard is saying that in the future it will be some more versions with the full game. It's definately worst than the DRM from Ubisoft, although it's more about low price than protection itself. I hope it doesn't turn into a standard system.

evaneself 19 pts

@GabrielOnuris Are you sure you will pay after six months? Can you give me a link or something? I did not know that.

steelmouth 191 pts

so much negativity towards conviction why? anyhow the sales numbers are not too bad its only been out less two months + i havent got my copy yet (i need to replace my rrod x360 1st)

Aidan125 5 pts

I felt robbed when i fished the game, very short and the multiplayer was fun for a while but it was nothing to keep me hooked.

iceman_dan1979 5 pts

convition wasn't a bad game but it wasn't the game i had been waiting for all that time. i hope ubi montreal aren't patting them selves to hard on the back about that one. especially in regards to how short the single player campaign was. i think ubi soft games are going down a complaicent route, regardless of how long you choose to delay a game for

gamerdude909 5 pts

i thought it would come out this year :(

zync- 50 pts

Mnnn Yes i forgot DRM System really Bad for PC player.

zync- 50 pts

that games was epic, nice and cool, very nice improvement, Only a few thing to make a this game Freak Great Like a AAA-Games: Better Graphic, More longer, and more Difficulty, because on realistic, still easy, u know all is in IA of Enemy really retarded enemy XD, but for all that is a Great game i love and i play it

donalbane 15 pts

Conviction was the biggest dissapointment this generation, in my opinion. The world doesn't need another action game. It needs more actual stealth titles. The franchise is dead to me now.

sonicmask 5 pts

3 hours of gameplay with 4 year development... EMBARRASSING!

Amz1217 5 pts

@Ares_hot I think you're referring to the sales it got through April when it was released, it sold about 500,000 copies in that month and analysts were talking about how poor April game sales were.

monqith94 5 pts

conviction is really disappointing,,,other than it's bad graphics that's exactly the same as the one before it and repetitive story,,it's techniques and movements are horrible,all he can do now is run and shoot,people used to play splinter cell for the movements and techniques that it offered,,with that gone,,the franchise is gone

Ares_hot 9 pts

Ehm I read an article on GS a couple of weeks ago that said that conviction sold badly, wtf?

cjasko94 5 pts

Not bad sales for an Action game on the Xbox 360. Little to no stealth used lmao

GabrielOnuris 33 pts

@evaneself Totally agreed. I do like to replay my old games, some of them I need to download even a patch to run on brand new OS. Unfortunately, it seems that you and I are an exception. For example, the new Star Craft 2 will be released here in my country at 50% of the price of the others pc games, but it will only be played for 6 months; after that, you will need to pay a "little" more. It's a hell of a marketing ploy, very clever indeed, I'm sure it will sell as water, but I won't get it. If I pay for a game, I like to play it everytime I want, when I want, because it's mine. It's simple.

jtthegame316 136 pts

sweet conviction is awesome glad it has sold well.

PixelAddict 920 pts

@evaneself I WANT to agree with you, but then I look at theory versus practice. In theory, I want to replay some of my games. In practice, I almost never do, even a year or two later. I'm talking single player campaign games such as Bioshock 1. Which I think is a perfect example. I wanted to replay that game in anticipation of the 2nd. In actuality, I played 30 minutes. My collection is littered with I-had-good-intentions-of-replaying-but-never-did titles. Perhaps you are different, but I can live with not re-playing games such as Code Veronica for the sake of new gaming goodness.

evaneself 19 pts

I am a collector and I hate DRM. The new generation of gamers dig his own grave. They pay for something that will no longer enjoy in the future. What is worrying is that there are many morons and retards who buy downloadable content when it should be put into game, not to buy 75% of game and the rest downloaded from the Internet, possibly even executable. It is a mockery. I bought nearly 400 games that are mine and I play them whenever I want, and do not want to give them money. However, 1.9 million of morons, it's something. Congratulations. Over five years you look only at the covers.

gbrading 59 pts

Well it seems that whatever Ubisoft is doing, it's making money for them. Shame about the continuation of the Online Services Platform though.

TheVGamer 21 pts

@GabrielOnuris PC lost it's respect long time ago. I myself am pretty hardcore PC gamer and, unfortunately, I am forced to piracy. Because of the titles like Conviction , I am forced to be a pirate because I want to show Ubisoft that DRM is wrong. As for respect, I feel like a low-class citizen because everything is about consoles these days.And ports are one of the heavy-hitters that are destroying PC. But onLive is a hope that PC will have it's respect back!

Johny_47 257 pts

I enjoyed this game very much(I have the PC version and I played with the gamepad) it's a great game just as long as fans of the older ones(seriously including me, the first game and chaos Theory have the nicest feel ever I think). But it's good to see it sold well so now Ubisoft can hopefully make another one. I just REALLY hope they don't have that crappy annoying 'constant connection to Ubi servers' thing(this is to stop piracy, Assassins Creed 2 has this aswell) but there are much better ways to do this for example GTA IV on PC does it by registering a license online. Hope Ubisoft listen to the complaints.

wwlettsome 258 pts

I enjoyed the SC game and while it wasn't perfect it was a lot of fun and I'll be playing the co-op modes for awhile.

supersonikk 5 pts

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

GabrielOnuris 33 pts

@pelvist Thats the point man; console gamers have a low standard of what makes a good game (no offense, console fans). Thinking more radically, it's like porting Wii games to PC; it would be an apocalypse. I see a lot of complaints about controls too, in other "ported" games, but that is easily resolved with a joystick (I myself prefer the keyboard+mouse control, but some people don't). And by the comments of the people who played it on PC, I see that the major problem is the DRM, that is a real pain in the ***, but not a justification to crucify the PC version. Btw Im starting to hate the word "porting". It sounds more like I'm using an emulator to run the consoles roms. I think the PC is losing its respect. >_

juberline 20 pts

@fueled-system i agree, i've been playing Blur alot and am shamed how little people there are online (barely a 1000 at a time). Splinter Cell is by no means a bad game as i do intend to get it once it goes cheap. But it's because it's a big franchise. The next COD could be really bad but it'll still sell millions.

fueled-system 45 pts

shame it sold so much while better games struggle

PS3gamer890 6 pts

Splinter Cell Conviction is great xbox 360 game

Real720 9 pts

It's funny, 'cause it's the least played game on Xbox Live.

snake289 5 pts

If the game wasn't a dumbed down joke compared to the other games I would of bought it.

guertt 8 pts

as a matter of fact, my children just re-open assassins creeds 2 this morning and started a new session and I'm tottally falling in love again with this piece of work. This game is still the most brilliant game ever made on this new gen systeme. WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than splinter cell.

UnitedGamerz 5 pts

What is a drm please dont call me dumb I just never heard of that crap

Champski01 5 pts

Hmm, could have been 1.9 million +1 if it wasnt for the DRM. Wasn't a true Splinter Cell game anyway, obviously design for the masses so I couldn't bring my self to pay for it. Same as ACII. (I have loved playing them still though...) So many good games from ubi either released or coming that I just can't make my self buy with their current tactic. Shoot me!

Daian 788 pts

@maitkarro Ups, i meant to say DLCs , i guess all these DRMs lately have imprinted the name in my brain :P. Damn u Ubisoft and your abusive DRMs , u guys used to be my fave devs but now u're treating PC gamers like crap with DRMs and poorly optimized versions of games.

GeneralShowzer 6 pts

Wonder how much of these sales were on PC...

Lov3IsPAiN 5 pts

Can't wait for RUSE and HAWX 2 , but with the DRM ... i dunno if i'm gonna waste money on them .

SunOfAtom 5 pts

I'm looking forward to Driver: San Francisco. The system for taking over cars - I can't remember the name - sounds interesting if it's implemented well.

punkpunker 55 pts

everything fast-paced now sell well.....

blissleeds 5 pts

I`m sick of UBISOFT and their constant lying.10/10 of the games they announce are given release date and then end up being pushed back 6 months if not more.They spend 5 years on Splinter Cell;Conviction.What on earth were they doing???????5years,complete makeover,and the game is crap and short.Not even mention the DRS which is UBI`s way of saying "thanks" to all the loyal fans who supported them through all those years and bought legal copies of their games.They turn into EA and ACTIVISION.

badtaker 20 pts

it would have sold more if SP was long but still Co-op was blast


2011 wow..atleast it will be right//

maitkarro 39 pts

@Daian Yeah your right, but still maybe they took the money while thinking that they wouldn't get that much from PC anyways because of the pirates. (Also it was GTA IV DLC not DRM exclusivity microsoft bought for a while)

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