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Licensing FAQ

Q. What license(s) does CCNx use?

A combination of GPLv2 and LGPLv2 for code.  Any individual module will be licensed under one or the other, as indicated near the top of the source code. The complete official list of licenses acceptable to the project is published on the license page.

Our intent is that CCNx code should itself remain open source but be usable by the widest possible range of applications, including non-open-source applications, much like a TCP/IP stack in an open-source operating system.  Due to the very different model of networking implemented by CCNx software, much more functionality is close to the application rather than, say, off in a daemon process or kernel driver.  This means that a lot of CCNx code properly belongs in libraries and is licensed under LGPLv2 to be broadly useable.

Q. Can I modify CCNx for use in a commercial deployment?

Yes, and you are free to modify and distribute your code as long as you can comply with the GPL v2 and LGPL v2.1.

Q. My organization does not permit me to use GPL/LGPL code in my software.  What are my options?

We expect that most organizations will have a way to intake GPL code. We hope that CCNx code will come to be regarded much like the existing networking stacks in operating systems, such as Linux. that are widely used for many purposes by applications with many different licenses.  It is in the interest of all to share a common implementation of the core protocols, while differentiating on how those protocols are used to provide application features.  It is also always possible to produce independent but interoperable commercial implementations of CCNx protocols, and we will endeavor to point to any such implementations that are available as we become aware of them.