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Public Employee Salaries

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Name Position Department Gross Comp.
City Manager Administration $131,104
Chief Of Police Police $115,183
Public Works Dir Public Works $112,902
Finance Director FINANCE $109,594
Maint.supervisor Public Works $107,293
Det. Sgt. Police $101,689
Building Official Building $99,495
Police Captain Police $98,753
Sergeant Police $89,880
City Recorder/hr Dir Administration $86,934
Sergeant Police $85,393
Detective Police $82,943
Detective Police $77,654
Comm. Services Dir. Community Services $77,027
Treasurer FINANCE $75,269
Culinary Water Sup. Water Fund $75,265
Public Wrks.insp. Building $74,135
Police Officer Ii Police $73,517
Park Supervisor PARKS $73,503
Detective Police $72,951
Vehicle Shop Sup. Motor Pool $71,899
Master Police Office Police $71,678
Police Officer Ii Police $71,575
Bldg. Inspector Building $71,400
Police Officer I Police $70,004
San Sewer/solid Sup. Sewer Fund $67,201
Police Officer I Police $65,211
Police Officer I Police $63,962
Police Officer I Police $63,486
Utility Maint. Iii Storm Water Fund $62,187
Utility Maint I Storm Water Fund $60,186
Asst Park Maint Sup PARKS $59,996
Admin Asst/office Mg Community Services $59,645
Court Clerk Coord. Police Office/Court $58,833
Adm.exec.asst/off Mg Police Office/Court $57,084
Police Officer I Police $56,909
Animal Control Off Police $56,884
Utility Maint Ii Sewer Fund $56,056
Adm.exe.sec./ Administration $55,239
Police Officer I Police $54,673
Mechanic I Motor Pool $53,807
Parks Maint. I PARKS $53,614
Utility Maint Ii Water Fund $53,601
Recreation Coordinat RECREATION $53,272
Asst Park Maint Sup AQUATIC CENTER $52,855
Utility Maint Ii Water Fund $52,608
Admin Assistant Police Office/Court $52,357
Parks Maint. I PARKS $51,139
Culinary Wtr Maint I Water Fund $48,737
Admin.exec..asst. Public Works $48,551
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North Ogden last updated on 11-9-2011. Records based on earned income, excluding benefits, for the 2011 fiscal year. Seasonal employees (recreation, parks, aquatic, crossing guards, public works) receive hourly range from $7.25 to $12.74.