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OD Mobile Beta Release Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm glad to announce today that we are releasing a beta version of OD Mobile, for all of you to try.  OD Mobile is now available for use at  I chose to release ODM as a beta, because there are so many hundreds (or thousands) of different mobile devices in the world, it makes it impossible to thoroughly test the software on all of them.

The Admins and I have given ODM a good run-through on our own cellphones, but that only goes so far.  There are a zillion different screen size and browser combinations on mobile devices, so our objective is to make it work well on as many as possible.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the medium, it will never be perfect for everybody.

The good news is that the important inner workings of ODM are all built with the exact same code as OD 6, so things like diary security, entry saving, notes, etc. haven't been changed and have been thoroughly tested in our current production environment.  The only things ODM changes are what you can see - it is a new frontend made for mobile devices, bolted onto the framework and engine of OD 6.

And this is where you can help.  If you are using OD Mobile, and you find something that doesn't display well or doesn't work right, let us know about it by posting it on the OD Mobile Beta Release forum on the OD Boards.  I'm asking that you do this, rather than send it in through the normal help desk, because it will help us to have any issues in a central place where all the users can see them and discuss them.

You will find that some functions of regular OD are missing in ODM - this is mostly due to space limitations or restrictions on what mobile browsers can do.  For instance, the Diary Maintenance screens are not present, and your bookmarks and friends screens don't include the functions for managing groups.  My aim is to provide a mobile version that lets you easily do the important things they want to do with OD - write entries, check your notes, read your bookmarks, and leave notes.

Just remember that this is a beta release, and as such you may find unexpected things in it.  I really will appreciate your help in fine-tuning it, and I feel like what we have in the ODM Beta is a good start.  With your help we will work on making it an even better package.  OD Mobile is available at  Enjoy!

(that fuzzy too-dark picture is my phone, running ODM, and running out of juice.  don't have the time or the will to photoshop the picture lighter.)

The DiaryMaster


I have two books on my nightstand right now, trying to decide which one to start: Living Dead in Dallas (the second Sookie Stackhouse novel) or The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski.

I just finished Dead Until Dark, and I was entertained by that - but since I'd seen the first season of True Blood, I already knew what was going to happen.  Strangely, I liked the show better than the book - which almost never happens with TV or movie adaptations of things I read.  The book and the HBO series were very similar - whoever wrote the series borrowed a great deal (including dialogue) directly from the book, but the characters just seemed more fleshed out (strangely) on TV.  My only concern with reading the next book is that it will probably tell me what is going to happen in the second season of the show, if the first book is any example.  Anyway, Charlaine Harris' writing is easy to read and pretty fun.

I also just finished Ike: An American Hero - it was mostly thorough, had a lot of good stuff about Eisenhower's early years, but I felt like it didn't cover the World War II years of his life very deeply.  I've seen better accounts of the high-level planning of the Normandy invasion in other books, it felt like this one kind of glossed over that part.  But maybe the author felt like he didn't want to cover what had been done so many times before.

Also in the middle of The Intellectual Devotional, which you're supposed to read a page a day of and then be more smarter at the end of a year.  I've been reading two or three pages a day to get through it quicker, and it's got a lot of really interesting information in it (I may finally understand the difference between "Classical" and "Baroque") , but we'll see if the "smarter" part takes after I finish it.

I just started A Rat's Tale by Tor Seidler too, which so far is a really fun read.  It's the story of a rat living in Manhattan, and he just fell in love with a pretty rat from a better part of town that he met during a rainstorm in Central Park - I'm only two chapters into that, but it's really easy reading since it's a book that's targeted at a younger audience (younger than me, anyways).

Geez, I'm not trying to appear well-read or anything (A Rat's Tale and Sookie Stackhouse aren't going to bust anybody's brainpans with their intellectual heft) - there are plenty of people on OD who are lightyears ahead of me in volume and quality of reading.  A lot of weeks, my sum total reading consists of the current issue of Time, and not much else.

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When I post new entries from my phone (LG enV), they don't show up for other people to see. I can clearly see them on my entry table and they are friends only, but my friends can't see them. Everything else works great, I can read entries and notes and leave notes too. Am I doing something wrong? [ShannieMichelle] 9/23/2009 4:46:03 PM
I wish y'all would have an iPad version. :( it's such a pain to have to change my editor settings for my pc just to upload a photo and have to change the settings back just so i can write on my iPad where I do 99% of my entries.  [Shimmersfade] 4/4/2011 5:17:29 PM
Along with ipad, a kindle fire version. [(Owl)] 12/27/2011 4:58:31 PM
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