In the year 1974, a new anime series debuted in Japan that drew a line from the far reaches of outer space to the infinite depths of the human heart. Space Battleship Yamato brought Japan's best artists, writers, and filmmakers together under a new genre called "Space Adventure Roman," and they created a shock wave that can still be heard today. Spanning ten years, the saga incorporated three TV series (known to the English-speaking world as Star Blazers) and five magnificent, monumental movies that not only made box-office history, they also inspired the 'anime boom' that brought us some of the most exciting entertainment in the world! Yamato's mission was to save humankind and bring peace to the universe. This website's mission is to explore the fascinating worlds of Yamato and Star Blazers, both onscreen and off.

The Galman Dimensional Submarines were one of Series 3 's most unique innovations. This time we offer up a double helping of them with our review of the original TV episodes and then the dramatic return of the fleet in The Bolar Wars Extended!

What's New

Start here with our analysis of The Bolar Wars episodes 14-17 by Arthur Painter with story trivia, production secrets, and more--and click here to read the new chapter of our Bolar Wars Extended webcomic! Then find even more Series 3 content with part 2 of our Yamato III Time Machine, which explores vintage media coverage all the way to the end of the series in 1981.

Next we bring you a big batch of Yamato 2199 news with Report 10, an eyewitness account of Yamatalk Night 2, and a once-in-a-lifetime discussion between two Yamato giants: Director Yutaka Izubuchi and artist extraordinaire Yasuhiko Yoshikazu! Read it here! We've also updated our 2199 character guide and media index.

Last but far from least, we are proud to bring you the first-ever interview with Star Blazers voice actor Lydia Leeds, who spoke for not just one, but two of the saga's most important characters! Who are they? Find out here!

New links have been added to our links page (above) and new images have been added to the Final Yamato and New Productions galleries in the departments below. New information has been added to our latest History Timeline for the legacy years.

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