SG E3 2011: Naughty Dog Keeps Delivering with Uncharted 3

June 13th, 2011 at 5:00 am · 2 Comments

If anyone has a time machine, I’d love to borrow it! November 1st could not come any sooner! Naughty Dog is delivering the action-packed adventures of Nathan Drake once again with their latest installment: Uncharted 3. From what I’ve seen so far, we’re in for another great ride.

Uncharted 3
centers around the massive problems Drake gets himself into (“trouble maker” is in his resume). The first demo was the one showcased at Sony’s press conference: Drake sneaks onto a ship in the middle of a big storm (it’s more impressive to see all the action yourself). The demo shown behind closed doors starts off with a short tender moment between Elena and Drake. Naughty Dog is really trying to make this next title more emotional and story-driven, evident by this scene and the official trailer. I’d like to quickly point out that they fixed Elena’s and Chloe’s eyes! They no longer look like they can stare into your soul! Anyway, the transitions from the cutscenes to the actual gameplay were flawless; there was no change in graphic quality between the two.

Also, here's a comparison of the 2nd (below) and 3rd (above) game graphics. It just keeps getting better!

After that small cutscene, Drake is spotted by search lights and makes a run for it. The game plays the same in regards to the actual shooting mechanics. More emphasis seems to have been placed on melee attacks. For example, you can jump from a platform above your enemy and punch them right in the face to knock them out cold (most likely this will not be an option in multiplayer). You can also snatch weapons from the enemy AI’s hands to shoot them with it.

As the demo progresses, we witness Drake jump into the back of Elena’s Jeep to try to catch up to a plane lifting off. Once Elena gets close enough, Drake jumps on to the wheels of the plane right as they are retracting. After catching his breath, Drake makes his way to the cargo area, where he encounters a big thug with anger issues.

Drake does his best to wear him down with punches and constant dodges, but he still gets hurt and starts losing his footing. Just as Drake is about to be pushed out the opening hangar onto the desert below, Drake shoots the rope tying the cargo together. The thug falls out, but Drake manages to grab onto some material that is loosely connected to the plane. Just as you think he’ll be able to climb back in, a giant crate comes towards him and it fades to black.

Click on over to page two for a multiplayer rundown!


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  • MightyMutt

    Not to call you a liar Esme but I’ll only believe their eyes are “fixed” when I see it with my own…er…eyes! It won’t seem like Uncharted without the whole “Hold-on-when-did-she-get-possessed-by-Satan look?”.

    Also, of course this game is going to be brilliant. It was made by Dogs! GOTY!!1!

    • Esmeralda

      If you clicked on the link above where I mentioned Chloe’s eyes, you’d see a screencap :) There! Own eyes! haha