SG E3 2011: SEGA Games Worth Downloading

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Im not one to pay much attention to arcade and PSN titles (well, unless theyre somehow related to Batman) since Im usually focusing my attention on getting my friends to lend me their disc games. However, SEGA presented me with two titles that look like theyre worth the time and money to download. So keep reading to see what those games are and be sure to leave me your credit card information in the comments section so I can purchase them!

Im kidding. Just e-mail me.

Renegade Ops

Renegade Ops is a top-down, twin-stick military shooter with tanks. Would you ever guess that from the title? This is a 4-player co-op game that involves tanks destroying other tanks, smashing through buildings, and lots of mayhem, all in the name of justice. Each tank has its own specialty; for example, one tank is able to deploy an EMP bomb that disables vehicles nearby while another tank has a flamethrower.

Sadly, I was never able to deploy these special attacks because I was struggling to steer my vehicle for most of the demo. Although I do associate that problem with me just not being a good virtual driver, Avalanche Studios has added weight to the tanks so it challenges the player (and so you can turn corners like a boss). Also, when you run off a cliff and roll over (as you can imagine, this happened to me a few times), you quickly respawn so you wont desert your comrades for too long.

Sadly you wont be able to hook things to each other like in Just Cause 2, but at least I got a laugh out of the developer for asking that. Youll never have a moment to rest as youre constantly given objectives by the General, in the form of comic panels, as bullets and rockets are flying at you from every angle. Small boxes appear every now and then to give you health and upgrades as you’re completing your goals. My objectives consisted of freeing hostages from an occupied building and defending a church where the hostages were being housed. While the game did prove to be fun, I hope there are many different modes to the game so the driving and shooting dont become stale.

Renegade Ops comes to the PC, PSN and Xbox LIVE Arcade later in the summer for $15.

Guardian Heroes

Guardian Heroes released as a Sega Saturn game and its now being remastered for the Xbox LIVE arcade by the end of the summer. I personally did not play Guardian Heroes back in the day, but I did hear good things about this 2D hack-and-slash. The games graphics seem updated enough for HD, although the actual art of the game makes the characters look oddly-shaped. For fans of the original game, if you find yourself not liking the new look, you can easily switch to the classic mode.

The combat is solid for a sidescroller. When progressing through the game, you have the option to jump to the back of the screen, center, and the front plane to strategically fight enemies and avoid damage. The game also boasts its RPG mechanics: for every scene you work through you earn experience points. These points go into customizing your character in terms of luck, agility, intelligence, strength, etc. This is also a choose your own adventure type of game, where you are given different options to choose from that affect the story and the enemies you encounter. You can play several different characters as well.

The game will feature two-player co-op (both online and offline), and it will have a 1-12 player battle mode. The entire game was apparently on the floor, as opposed to just a demo, because I found myself at the game station for 30 minutes, not noticing how much time had passed. Needless to say, the game is a bit addicting. The game should be released sometime in the Fall!

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