Sunday, November 11, 2012

Creation Crackhouse in Kentucky is Losing money.

The American Museum of Natural History, The Field Museum of Natural History, and the Smithsonian Institution are the world's most prestigious museums in the world. They are filled with exciting exhibits that makes people everywhere keep coming back for more and more. Every year the museums put in new exhibits, stage traveling exhibits, and keep on renovating their old exhibits to meet up with the latest in scientific discoveries made all over the world. They welcome all people, beckoning them to come and marvel at the spectacular, breath-taking exhibits from dinosaurs and musical instruments, to old car and machine exhibits all those museums have to offer. And the people never fail to come and do just that.

Now compare them to the idiot crackhouse in Kentucky which, like other similar creation "museums", is losing money faster than you can say "Abandon Ship!"
The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., created quite an uproar in 2007 when it opened with exhibits showing early humans co-existing with dinosaurs. Five years later, the public fascination with that take on paleoanthropology seems to be fading. This week, the museum told CityBeat that attendance for the year ended June 30 came to 254,074. That amounts to a 10 percent drop from last year’s 282,000 and is the museum’s fourth straight year of declining attendance and its lowest annual attendance yet. The $27 million museum drew 404,000 in its first year and just over 300,000 each of the next two. Michael Zovath, senior vice president for the Creation Museum and its parent organization, Answers in Genesis Inc., offered nothing to blame but the brontosaurus-slow U.S.economy and pterodactyl-high gas prices.

But that's not all. Another factor is that no one wants to go visit a museum and see the same ol', same ol' crappy exhibits the "museum" have put up which are nothing more than silly grossly inaccurate Jurassic Park dinosaur knock-offs and human animatronic robots, more grossly inaccurate still dinosaur models, plaques containing hate, lies, hypocrisy, and bigotry, false scenarios depicting what will happen if everyone abandon Biblical scripture, videos, t-shirts, and books promoting Christian propaganda, and security guards and guard dogs posted and ready to throw out anyone who's gay, lesbian, or anyone else they deemed unlikeable.

The lack of attendance as well as funds is putting a huge damper on Ken "Dumb Idiot" Ham's plans to build a Noah's Ark theme park right next to his crackhouse. It is likely the park will never be built due to lack of funds and, give or take a few years, more attendance will dwindle to where poor ol' Ham will have no choice but to close his stupid crackhouse down and let it rot along with all of his crappy exhibits inside -- all while the AMNH, The Smithsonian, The Field Museum, British Museum of Natural History, and all other prestigious museum prospers to no end. :)      
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