'I probably shouldn't mention this': Amanda Holden admits she'd love to host a Fix It show


Following the recent allegations surround the late Jimmy Savile, his popular children's TV show Jim'll Fix It has been forever tainted.

However, Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden admitted she would love to bring back a similar show, with herself as the wish granter.

Although she conceded it wasn't the right time to launch such a programme in light of the current inquiries into Savile's personal life.

Want to make dreams come true: Amanda Holden said she would love to host a 'Fix It' show

Want to make dreams come true: Amanda Holden said she would love to host a 'Fix It' show

Jim'll Fix It, which ran from 1975 until 1994, saw the personality answering children's letters and making their dreams come true.

Scandal: Jimmy Savile on Jim'll Fix It in 1982

Scandal: Jimmy Savile on Jim'll Fix It in 1982

Amanda told DigitalSpy.co.uk: 'If I had a dream show, I probably shouldn't even mention it in this climate, but it would be like a kind of Fix It show.

'A show where little children... can write in. That's the kind of show.

'I like making dreams come true, which is kind of what we do on Britain's Got Talent, but I'd like to do it so people can blow up chimneys and things like they used to.'

Meanwhile, Amanda confirmed all four judges would be returning to Britain's Got Talent next year.

Amanda, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Simon Cowell will be back on the judging panel in January for the initial auditions.

Meanwhile, Amanda urged Simon to return to the panel of The X Factor, who has received a drop in viewing figures this year.

She added: 'I think that he's probably disappointed, but if he's got any sense he'll get on his white horse and he'll come charging back next year and save it.'


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This woman will do anything for publicity. A perfect example of how a large dose of pushy and a tiny dose of talent can go a long way.

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So why did you mention it then?! Jeez woman...

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She really is very very annoying, I have no idea how she made it at all. I hope now we dont see her on the screens again she has such a big hit for herself, attention seeker right enough.

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Oh shut up Amanda you attention seeking women it's always "me, me, me looks it me Amanda Holden I have an annoying high pitch voice and was on Britains Got Talent omg I'm so famous".......no, just no Amanda (-_-)

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You're right, you shouldnt have said it

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What an unbelievably stupid woman!

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Tactless,thoughtless and self promoting as usual.

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I wonder who she thinks is going to watch it?

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Attention seeker

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Stupid annoying woman

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