Fantasist killed his mother because he thought he was a member of the SAS and licenced to kill

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Gary Sturt, 32, strangled his mother believing he was an SAS operative with a licence to kill

Gary Sturt, 32, strangled his mother believing he was an SAS operative with a licence to kill

A fantasist who strangled his mother believing he was an SAS operative with a licence to kill was today detained indefinitely by a judge.

Gary Sturt, 32, thought his devoted and loving mother Annette worked for the IRA - and had cheated him out of millions.

But Judge Adele Williams ruled Sturt was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia when he killed her at her home in May.

She ordered that Sturt be detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act. It will be for the Home Secretary to say if he is ever fit to be released.

Members of her family - including husband Ian - wept in the public gallery as she was described as 'a very intelligent, hard working and decent human being who was much loved by her family.'

Heavy cannabis user Sturt was taken to Canterbury Police Station in Kent where he was told his mother had been found dead.

He told stunned officers: 'The IRA b**** is dead!'

Sturt - who appeared in the dock at Canterbury Crown Court ringed by nursing and security staff - pleaded not guilty to murdering his 49-year-old mother.

But he pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Prosecutor Paul Taylor told the tragic story of how a delusional son murdered his mother at her home in Guston, near Dover.

His partner - and mother of four - Joanne Smith had spoken to Annette earlier that day to ask if she would stand guarantor for a home she wanted to rent.


Mr Taylor said that at some time in the afternoon Gary - who was heavily in debt - went to his mother’s house although 'there is no evidence one way or the other as to his purpose.'

Between 7.30pm and 8.30pm neighbours said they heard 'banging and thudding' - and at 8.15pm husband Ian  telephoned his wife from work - but got no reply.

He added: 'Eventually Ian called again and spoke to Gary who told him: 'She’s all right, but we had an argument and I hit her. Now she’s at Jo’s mum’s. Mum has told me to stay here with you tonight,’ .'

But the court heard that police later found evidence that Gary was planning to kill his father as well - placing a kitchen knife near the front door.

Mr Sturt who was a heavy cannabis user was taken to Canterbury Police Station in Kent where he was told his mother had been found dead

Mr Sturt who was a heavy cannabis user was taken to Canterbury Police Station in Kent where he was told his mother had been found dead

Mr Taylor said the body of Annette - which had been struck with a blunt instrument before being strangled - was found in a shed.

The prosecutor said that Sturt’s life had been dominated by growing delusions - 'delusions which would not have been helped by his heavy cannabis use - using 10 joints a day', he said

'He lived a fantasy life. Long before that night he was telling friends that his parents had farmed him out to paedophiles who repeatedly raped him.

'This did not happen and he now realises that it didn’t happen.'

When police arrived and arrested Sturt he told them: 'You cannot arrest me for what I have done. I have a licence to do this...a licence to kill'.

Dorian Lovell-Pank QC, defending, said: 'This is a shocking, tragic case. It is unusual for a son to kill his mother and she was a devoted mother. But he was in the grip of complex and violent delusions.'


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There should not have been any mercy shown by the court. Murder is murder and in my book murdering your mum is the worst. He should be killed.

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and some people want to legalize drugs...

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heavy cannabis use, says it all. Disgusting drug. turns people into nasty losers! - Lucy101 , Newcastle, 13/11/2012 23:23 I bet you love a drink though dont you Lucy. Drink is for losers. You dont see cannabis users smashing up A&E; on a friday night do you?

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Ah yes . . . this is the stuff that some want legalised! While most may be unaffected by the potentially extreme effects of cannabis, some are clearly not and the results can be devastating to the user and more so to those around them.

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10 joints a day this is like drinking bottles of whisky a day and what happens to people who drink bottles of whisky a day ??? does that make whisky bad ? or something to be made illegal . In all the 30 years and the 100s of people i have smoked with i met one bloke with this and two things first he was crazy to start with and second a cronic user . People who are so simplistic to link Cannabis - schizophrenia then also alcohol -liver cyrosis so sad right !!!!! use your brians if you have one .

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Nutcases should be locked away in asylums. That may sound harsh but any of you thinking of red-arrowing this thought might want to consider whether you can spare any of your loved ones in the lottery that exists of having them in the community.

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Weed oh please look at Amsterdam and the crime is lower there the in the UK meany states in the US have nowadays weed legal. I some weed I have a good job my own home a car and I love my mum.. Wake up people he was just a mad men.. Do some researching on cannabis and look into the history of it. You be very surprised.

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the guys a nut job. if it wasnt weed it would of been booze. he should of been locked up a long time ago

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yes cannabis did not cause him to murder his own mother... but it was certainly one of the TRIGGERS that tipped him from being rationale to psychotic killer!

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If he was smoking that rubbish pictured then I am not surprised. Solid cannabis is made by criminal gangs & includes boot polish , car oil , embalming fluid & other such toxic materials. If weed was legalised then people would not have to buy such toxic substances from street dealers.Weed does not cause mental health issues , these people al.ready had it within them this is just a propaganda drive to reinforce the stereotype of weed users. Sorry to hear about this poor woman's murder but weed did not cause it , care in the community did.

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