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    Green Lantern relaunched as brave, mighty and gay

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Green Lantern, one of DC Comics' oldest and most enduring heroes, is serving as a beacon for the publisher again, this time as a proud, mighty and openly gay hero.

    The change is revealed in the pages of the second issue of "Earth 2" out next week, and comes on the heels of what has been an expansive year for gay and lesbian characters in the pages of comic books from Archie to Marvel and others.

    But purists and fans note: This Green Lantern is not the emerald galactic space cop Hal Jordan who was, and is, part of the Justice League and has had a history rich in triumph and tragedy.

    Instead, he's a parallel earth Green Lantern. James Robinson, who writes the new series, said Alan Scott is the retooled version of the classic Lantern whose first appearance came in the pages of "All-American Comics" No. 16 in July 1940.

    And his being gay is not part of some wider story line meant to be exploited or undone down the road, either.

    "This was my idea," Robinson explained this week, noting that before DC relaunched all its titles last summer, Alan Scott had a son who was gay.

    But given "Earth 2" features retooled and rebooted characters, Scott is not old enough to have a grown son.

    "By making him younger, that son was not going to exist anymore," Robinson said.

    "He doesn't come out. He's gay when we see him in issue two," which is due out Wednesday. "He's fearless and he's honest to the point where he realized he was gay and he said 'I'm gay.'"

    It's another example of gay and lesbian characters taking more prominent roles in the medium.

    In May, Marvel Entertainment said super speedster Northstar will marry his longtime boyfriend in the pages of "Astonishing X-Men." DC comics has other gay characters, too, including Kate Kane, the current Batwoman, The Question, and married characters Apollo and the Midnighter.

    And in the pages of Archie Comics, Kevin Keller is one of the gang at Riverdale High School and gay, too.

    DC has been a leader in incorporating gay characters into its comics — they had one of the first male gay kisses back in 1988.

    Since then, numerous comic book heroes and villains have been written as gay, lesbian or transgender — from Batwoman to Hulkling and Wiccan in the pages of "Young Avengers."

    Green Lantern would be the highest-profile openly gay hero — even the parallel earth version.

    "It was just meant to be — Alan Scott being a gay member of the team, the Justice Society, that I'll be forming in the pages of 'Earth 2,'" Robinson said. "He's just meant to be part of this big tapestry of characters."

    Some groups have protested the inclusion of gay characters, but Robinson isn't discouraged, noting that being gay is just one aspect to Scott.

    "This guy, he's a media mogul, a hero, a dynamic type-A personality and he's gay," Robinson said. "He's a complex character."


    DC Comics is owned by Time Warner Inc.; Marvel is a unit of The Walt Disney Co.


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    • Sydney  •  1 mth 10 days ago
      Sam: at least the Green Latern is playing the Butch role! Sam: are you play the Fem role!
    • Sam  •  5 mths ago
      In the interest of fairness & more in keeping with reality, when can we expect 'gay and proud' super villains in the comics?
      Trick question of course. The answer is NEVER because the homosexuals would cry foul.
    • A Yahoo! User  •  5 mths ago
      So, there still some homophobic nuts on this thread? I thought they would find something else to complain about.
    • Nick  •  5 mths ago
      We are totally against this. Our son's favorite super hero is Green Lantern and we are against the immorality of being Gay. Make a new super hero if you want a gay one. Thanks for trying to push your agenda on everyone else that wants to enjoy a good super-hero movie or book. And for those of you that think I'm mister anti-gay (which I am), I also don't like the fact that there was cussing in the new Green Lantern movie. Guess its time to switch to Iron Man and the Avengers. That movie was better anyway.
    • Black OPS  •  5 mths ago
      Theres NO WAY hes gay, that ring clashes with his outfit-LMAO. And those SHOES!? Absolutely NO FLARE! Lets no even get into those dirty white gloves and his disheveled hair-doo. Oh wait, hes not the one with the gloves? Still he would never even associate with someone who did. AND, is that a BELT to hold up TIGHT?! REALLY?! Doesnt that defeat the whole reason for tights anyway? Why would anyone even consider to portray a super hero as...... oh, its all the tights they wear huh, and even the ones who accessorize with a cape. Who TF wears a cape anyway, it offers absolutely NO aerodynamic qualities at all, in fact it completely hiders and interferes with every aspect of flying,.. oh its a SCARF?! Whuuu the F#$&,...uhhh,.. oh god!, NO,.. wow,, cape/scarf, belt with tights, silly masks that just hide their crows feet and eye wrinkles not the entire chiseled face, OK there all gay, I see it now.
      Disregard my post, I'm off to the gym. A gym where no tights allowed accept on hot girls.
    • Robert  •  5 mths ago
      Ok, my two cents here...who really cares. I have a good friend who is gay, do I love him as a FRIEND absolutely, do I agree with his choices, no. But who am I to judge? He's was my friend before he was gay, so now that he is gay is he no longer my friend, absolutely not. If you don't like it, don't surround yourself in it. Am I gay, certainly not, nor have/would I ever have that mentality or those feelings.
    • Dave  •  5 mths ago
      YEP He's MIGHTY GAY!
    • bon  •  5 mths ago
      this is just not right. again THAT - lgbt community is ramming down their ideas to our throats in the name of RIGHTS. tsk tsk

      im an avid fan of greenlantern, but hereon will not allow my kids to read it.
    • Stacie  •  5 mths ago
      Lack of continuity in comics... gee, like that's anything new. This is like revealing that Spider-Man is Tony Stark, not Peter Parker. Pick a story and stick with it!
    • Cokie The Clown  •  5 mths ago
      And what does Mrs. Lantern think of this news??
    • Dean  •  5 mths ago
      I dont want to see this Lantern movie
    • M  •  5 mths ago
      The celebration of sexual perversion in this country well as the progressive degradation of morality....its a very sad thing to witness...the slow death of traditional moral values.
    • Boo!  •  5 mths ago
      Green Lantern (which one?), is one of the most ambiguous, boring, and failing comic book "heroes" getting a jumpstart, with a new constituency....... YAAAAawwwwwwwn.

      Oh DC Comics, with your super moral efficacy, why didn't you pick Batty, Superman, or even Wonder Bunny? Because it's all about profits......
    • overly sensitive  •  5 mths ago
      I'm horrified! Stop pushing the gay agenda on everyone! All this gay being constantly shoved in my face on a daily basis, almost every show has to have gays, now there are gay songs, posts about celebrity gays, gays in politics, gay cruises, gay bars, gay clubs in schools, gay books, TV stations just for gays... Enough is enough! Enough of the gay agenda we get it, when you force an agenda and shove it in peoples face, not a great approach. If you need a gay super hero than make a new one and advertise he/she as such but don't touch the classics and make them something they were not, sad sad sad! I don't care who I offend I'm sick of being politically correct.
    • Andrew  •  5 mths ago
      Too little too late DC. Alan Scott has not been gay for 70 years and now because you're losing against Marvel you have to recreate one of your oldest (and best) heroes in this way just proves how desperate you are. Yes, his son (code name Obsidian), was gay, but he always has been and Alan never was. You want a character to be gay create a brand new one, don't shoe-horn this angle into a well-established straight character for some agenda that will surely backfire.
    • ZZZ  •  5 mths ago
      This shows how sick the world is becoming. I pray for the Lord Jesus to return soon. ........"As in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah."
    • HeyNow  •  5 mths ago
      I knew it!
    • Truth Bearer  •  5 mths ago
      Stop trying to push it down everyones throat ok we get it there is gay people lol!
    • PitifulAZcardsFan  •  5 mths ago
    • Jess  •  5 mths ago
      Sorry but this is full blown stupid. If they have to go the gay route, why not just introduce a new character all together (like a Non-Lantern). It would be just as stupid as giving one of the major character's a sex change. Lame DC, and you wonder why Marvel is kicking your a-- .
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