Nano-technology group Oxford Instrument grows on pampered pets

By Ruth Sunderland


A woman walking a chihuahua in a London mews

Pampered: Celebrities are prepared to pay for MRI scans for their pooches and pussy-cats

Nano-technology group Oxford Instruments, whose shares have risen  nearly 500 per cent in the past three years, saw fresh gains after it reported  strong half-year results.

Chief executive Jonathan Flint said he is confident the company has strong growth prospects, thanks to new products including MRI scanners for pets, with Hollywood celebrities and the mega-rich prepared to pay thousands of dollars for scans for their pampered pooches and pussy-cats.

The firm has also produced devices that use magnetic fields to detect graphene, a new material 200 times stronger than steel.

Oxford, up 21p to 1279p, increased half-year profit by 23.5 per cent to 23.1m and hiked the interim dividend by 10.1 per cent to 3.05p.

Flint said he is expanding operations in India and added that the company had not received any serious approaches from potential predators.

‘We have a broad spread of geographies and technologies, exposure to markets with long-term structural growth, a strong pipeline of new products and a focus on improving efficiency,’ he added.


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awesome!!! That's AMERICAN isn't it? wait til you see the disappointing front view.

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I love the girl in the photo, she's awesome!!!

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