Welcome to CSBoard

CSBoard is a small GUI for gnuchess. It is written in C# and uses gtk-sharp and mono. It is simple, but allows you just play chess with SVG graphics and native look and desktop theme usage. CSBoard has very detailed user documentation and fully integrated with GNOME desktop environment for many things, like support of mime-types.

CSBoard use gnuchess as playing engine, but you can also play with crafty of phalanx.

Currently user part of CSBoard is almost finished, it can satisfy newbie user needs. But the requirements of advanced chess users are much more complicated. So the main goal is development of architecture that will allow things like ICS (internet chess server) support but still keep interface simple.


These are some of the cool features of:


  • Play chess with a computer program (chess engines like gnuchess, crafty, phalanx etc)
  • Play chess online on Internet Chess Servers (ICS) like www.freechess.org
  • Avaiable game requests/seeks are shown in a nice graph which makes it easy to select a game to accept
  • Watch/Observe the games played by others on the chess server
  • If there are any tournaments going on, you can see them live in the 'observable games'


  • View chess games stored in PGN files (these contain chess moves in a text notation).
  • View the moves and also the comments from the PGN files
  • Print games, or export them as a PostScript file
  • Save the games to a database and organize them into collections of games
  • Rate and tag games and save them in the database
  • Search games and collections from the database
  • Translations available


This video shows a demo of the chess player (both with the engine and the ICS).

This video shows a demo of the viewer and its functionalities.


The latest version of CSBoard can be found here:


You can also download debian package (thanks to Michal Turek <michal dot turek at gmail dot com>).



If you have any problems with CSBoard feel free to write me to <nshmyrev@yandex.ru> or contact me on ICQ 155 567 699

Thanks to

  • Mono and GNOME developers for their great framework.

  • GNUChess engine developers for easy to use engine.

  • http://developer.berlios.de/ for nice hosting.