Safety Planning

(Adapted from Creating a Safety Plan, The Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse.)

It is important to know that although the survivor does not have control over the batterer’s violence, it is possible and absolutely necessary to increase their safety. The overwhelming experience of violence is reduced when safety plans are established and well rehearsed in advance of further violence. This is even more true when the survivor is supported by friends, family, co-workers, and community members in the planning and implementation of safety action steps.

Photocopy the following items and store in a safe place, away from the originals. If possible, hide the originals someplace else.

  • passports, birth certificates, and immigration papers for all family members
  • school and vaccination records
  • driver’s license and registration
  • medications, prescriptions, medical records for all family members
  • welfare identification
  • work permits
  • divorce papers, custody documentation, court orders, restraining orders, marriage certificate
  • lease/rental agreement, house deed, mortgage payment book
  • bank books
  • insurance papers
  • address/telephone book
  • picture of spouse/partner
  • health cards for yourself and family members
  • all cards you normally use (e.g. Visa, phone, SIN card, bank card)

Try to keep the wallet and purse handy, and containing the following:

  • car/house/office keys
  • checkbook, bank books/statements, bank cards
  • driver’s license, registration, insurance
  • social insurance cards
  • health cards
  • phone cards
  • credit cards
  • address/telephone book
  • picture of spouse/partner
  • emergency money (in cash) hidden away

Keep the following items handy, so you can grab them quickly:

  • emergency suitcase with immediate needs
  • special toys, comforts for children
  • jewelry
  • small saleable objects
  • items of special sentimental value
  • a list of others items you would like to take if you get a chance to come back to your home later
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