Spousal (legally married, common-law, separated, divorced partners) violence highlights for 2002:

  • 62% of all family violence victims experienced violence at the hands of their spouse
  • 85% of the victims were female and 15% of victims were male; the highest rates were among younger women between the ages of 25-34
  • 82% of incidents led to charges by the police
  • 76% of stalking victims were female; 85% of them knew their stalkers as former spouses, partners, acquaintances, or other family members

Family violence against children and youth highlights for 2002:

  • 79% of family-related sexual assault victims were female; the highest rate was among 13 year-old girls
  • family-related physical assaults were highest among 17 year-old girls and 15 year-old boys
  • 60% of assaults were committed by parents (natural, step, half, foster, adopted)
  • witnessing violence in the home is likely to result in short and long term developmental, behavioural, and psychological problems such as aggression and anxiety

Spousal and family homicide highlights for 2001 and 2002:

  • A total of 183 family-related homicides in 2001.
  • An increase in spousal homicides was seen for the first time since 1995: 68 in 2000 increased to 86 in 2001.
  • 62% of family homicides were committed by male spouses (current and estranged) against female victims
  • between 1993 and 2002, female spousal victims were shot (32%), stabbed (30%), beaten and strangled (33%)
  • between 1993 and 2002, spousal homicides involved a history of domestic violence; 1 in 5 were precipitated by other crimes: sexual assaults, other assaults, kidnapping, criminal harassment, other violent crimes, arson, breaking and entering, and other criminal offenses
  • 67% of homicides against children and youth under 18 years of age were committed by a family member

Sources: Statistics Canada - The Daily: September 25, 2002; Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile 2004, Catalogue no.85-224-XIE

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