Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu joins U.S. election as he appears in $1million anti-Obama ad targeted at Jewish voters

By Daily Mail Reporter


A new anti-Obama ad features Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking about the grave threats of a nuclear-armed Iran.

The commercial is airing in the key swing state of Florida, targeted at Jewish voters.

Secure America Now is behind the $400,000 media buy. The group is lead by John McLaughlin, a former adviser for Netanyahu's Likud Party and former California Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Benjamin Netanyahu

Urgent: The ad uses Benjamin Netanyahu words to stress the importance of tougher action against Iran

The video uses footage from a speech Netanyahu gave on September 11 about the urgency of dealing with Iran's nuclear program.

'The fact is that every day that passes, Iran gets closer and closer to to nuclear bombs...The world tells Israel wait, there's still time. And I say, "Wait for what? Wait until when?"' he says.


The video cuts in with a news clipping that says 'Current US policy rejects "setting deadlines" on Iran.'

It is the only reference to Obama in the piece.

'The world needs American strength. Not apologies,' the ominous TV spot says.

Pals: Mitt Romney and Netanyahu have been friends since they met in Boston in the 1970s

Pals: Mitt Romney and Netanyahu have been friends since they met in Boston in the 1970s

Because Secure America Now is a 501(c)4 'social welfare organization' it is not required to disclose its financial backers.

However, Politico reports that the group plans to spend $1million running the ad in Miami, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers -- the areas with the highest percentage of Jewish voters in Florida.

Netanyahu and Romney have been friends since they met in Boston in the late 1970s and kept in touch ever since. 

However, the Israeli leader has not publicly endorsed Romney.

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The man has no sense of decency.

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Big deal! He and Romney go way back friends and business colleagues. He wants war with Iraq, just wants the US to fight it for him, in addition to keeping the money flowing to support them.

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Believe me Netty Boy, Americans are tired of your mess! Making these demands on us as we are putting out all the Embassy fires. Who died and made you KING of the world?

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Seems more like an anti-Romney ad to me since it appears to suggest he is more likely to go to war with Iran, when in fact, according to Mitt anyway, both his and Obama's stated policies are identical.

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baby nutinahoo is the enemy of the free world....

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Lina, you are clueless. Nuff said. Claire, I love your sense of humor!

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Lina, you are clueless. Nuff said.

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Foreign governments interfering in the US domestic election?????

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How can America afford to keep giving Israel billions of dollors in Military `aid` every year? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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US presidential campaign and they use Israel? Just proves it really doesnt it....may as well re-name the US Israel too

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