Georgia Quarter

Georgia Quarters Aren’t So Peachy in Dade County

Georgia quarters have something missing… something left out. Pick one up and look closely at the reverse side, the side with the peach in the center of the state outline.

Now look up at the upper left corner (northwest corner) of the state border, and notice that a small piece has somehow been omitted.

That tiny chunk is Dade County.

So what’s going on?

Scenario 1 – It was unintentional.

Perhaps the design was drawn from an older map that omitted Dade County. Against the total size of the state, the one county could easily have been missed if the reference map didn’t also include it.

Scenario 2 – It WAS intentional.

How could there be a Georgia map that failed to include one of the counties?

It seems that before the Civil War, the politicians of Dade County suggested that the county would secede from the state, and the United States, if Georgia failed to secede on its own. The fact that Georgia did secede did not prevent Dade County officials from underscoring their Civil War era sentiments by passing a resolution to rejoin the Union in 1945, some 80 years after the war had ended!

Intentional or not, the absence of Dade County on Georgia quarters is at least as fascinating as the other symbolic devices on the coins, including…

The Peach

Peaches are important enough to Georgia’s economy that it was designated the State Fruit in 1995.

Live Oak Leaves

Likewise, the Georgia Live Oak was selected as the official State Tree. From the earliest years of the republic, Georgia live oak was used by the US Navy in the construction of some of its most famous ships. The USS Constitution, known as “Old Ironsides”, was greatly strengthened by the live oak wood from Georgia used in its construction.


The words “Wisdom, Justice, Moderation” come from one side of the Georgia State Seal. These words refer to the three branches of the state government – Legislative, Judicial, and Executive, respectively.

Quarter-dollar coin image from the United States Mint.

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