Margaret Aspinall: My son was 18, going to his first away game. He came back in a coffin. Please don't chant about his death


Margaret Aspinall's son James was one of the 96 Liverpool fans killed at Hillsborough. Ahead of Sunday's game between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield she makes a heartfelt plea for fans not to disrespect those who died on April 15, 1989.


I just don't understand anybody chanting obscenities over a disaster. It's incredible to believe it's coming from human beings.

Remember these were young kids at Hillsborough and young players at Munich. To chant about it is a disgrace to society. They're not hurting the people who died; it's too late for them. They're hurting the relatives.

How dare they chant about it. With Munich, we knew the reasons why they died - an air crash. The families must have suffered but they knew why. We're only getting answers from Hillsborough after 23 years.

Hillsborough Disaster
James Aspinall

Horrific scenes: Liverpool fans try desperately to escape on that fateful day 23 years ago, and James Aspinall (right) who was just 18 when he became one of the 96 victims at Hillsborough


After all that time, we've gone through enough. Please don't make it more hurtful for us.The 96 families need compassion, not to hear that about their loved ones.

I can speak for James. He did nothing wrong that day. He was in the ground by 1.20pm. He was just 18 and he was going to his first away game. He came home to me five days later in a coffin.

There will be no closure for us. I will never close my mind on my child. We live with it every day. But I hope it will bring closure for the rest of the city. They can move on because they've got the truth.

End hatred: Margaret Aspinall has condemned the sick chants about Hillsborough

End hatred: Margaret Aspinall has condemned the sick chants about Hillsborough


I'm sure the gestures from both clubs will help on Sunday but it's so important the chanting that's been going on for years stops because it's a disgrace. I just don't understand the mindset of these people.

They don't have a right to sit in a seat that 96 people died for and go home in safety when 96 people didn't. When they go into all-seat stadiums, do they ask themselves why that is? Because those people were crushed to death and that's their legacy.

I can't believe they don't know what they're singing. They know. Until recently I didn't realise it's gone on about Munich in the past as well. They give Manchester United and Liverpool fans a bad name because most supporters aren't like that.

I don't feel angry because they're morons. Sad people. I just feel sorry for the rest of them. You get troublemakers at games and nothing will change that. Being hard on these people is the only way. Ban them and then you might stop the others - because this has to stop.

They've got CCTV now. Zoom in on them and ban them. Who needs them? If you hear somebody singing like that then get the stewards to throw them out and never let them into a football ground again. That goes for fans signing about Munich as well. Get rid of them.

It's a game of football. We've already seen what football has cost us. Life is so much more important. You can have your rivalry but that's about football. Why have this hatred?

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I am afraid that this chanting reveals a lot about the psychology of a lot of football supporters

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I am a passionate football supporter, but i can not for the life of me understand why any fan would celebrate and mock the deaths of innocent people. I hope that both sets of supporters respect the pleas to end this vile chanting.

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r.i.p. from a forest fan.

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..........we dont sing about it and hopefully wont sing about it tomorrow. When we wont sing tomorrow, hopefully that will stop liverpool fans from constantly singing about Munich. RIP all who died in Munich and Hillsborough.

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It's time to end the chants! Nobody should go to a game and never come back! I've heard chants from both sets of fans over the years and whilst banter is good. It makes the game more enjoyable. The sick chants about people dying, be it Hillsborough, Munich or Heysel must stop!

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Cant they ban them if they start to chant must enough cctv

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I really do think all supporters will behave my only worry is that if one team is two or three up the losing supporters will start out of malice for their team. Forget about the result this is for the memories of both the 96 & Munich.

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Eric The Red you should change your name to Eric the deaf! if you have never heard any singing referring to Hillsborough from MU supporters they where even singing it at wembley when they played Everton in the semi final a few years ago! so you really must get your hearing tested!!!

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RIP <3

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Mrs Aspinall. It may have been his first, but it wasn't his last. Your boy is with us every week. He'll never walk alone

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