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Gallery Exhibits

(Located in our 8th Floor Galleries)

Programs and tour groups may be scheduled in advance. Please call (319)356-7106 for more information, or send e-mail to

Currently On Exhibit

A Century of Caring: The Health Sciences
at the University of Iowa, 1850-1950

(January 1998-January 2008)

No Longer on Display

Art That Heals:
The Image as Medicine in Ethiopia

(January 2 - February 1999)

Bucking the System:
Women in the Health Sciences at the
University of Iowa 1874-1950

(April - October 1992)

Collecting and Recollecting:
Gifts from the Recent Past

(January 16 - March 5, 1991)

Common Threads:
The Lives and Stories of
Women Living With Breast Cancer
(March-May 1999)


Facts of Life:
Examining Reproductive Health

(February - December 1995)

The Illuminated Body:
Representation in Medicine and Culture

(February 1994 - December 1994)

In the Eye of the Beholder:
Sight, Illusion, and Disorder

(April 1991 - February 1992)

Nature's Pharmacy:
Ancient Knowledge, Modern Medicine

(October 1998 - August 1999)

Order and Disorder:
An Exploration of the Mind and the Brain
(February 1996 - February 1999)

Rice and Honey:
Children's Art From Sri Lanka
(January -June 1999)

The Trail of the Invisible Light:
A Century of Medical Imaging

(December 1992 - December 1993)

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