encyclopedia titanica

There was a glamorous woman on board Titanic who sneaked past the barriers of the doomed luxury liner to watch the sun rise And like Rose its more than likely that she went there with a lover Helen Candee a New York divorce was a woman out of time unconventional beautiful and daring By the time she stepped aboard the Titanic at Cherbourg on Wednesday 10 April 1912 she had already lived a life few other women of her era could dream of Aged 53 with a handsome face and cool gaze she boarded the waiting ship at dusk A celebrated writer and interior designer a leading light on the US social scene she was a celebrity back home her comings and goings were regularly reported in the press and she was noted for her lively dinner parties She had brought up her two children singlehandedly after divorcing her wealthy husband of 15 years in 1896 Having suspected him of infidelity she had him tailed by private detectives but their evidence wasnt enough proof for the New York courts so she returned to Oklahoma where she had lived briefly and secured a divorce there this time citing her husbands abusiveness and heavy drinking