What if Brancott had got it right with their QR code?


QR codes attract a great deal of commentary in marketing and communication circles, and pretty critical more often than not. I have a strong interest in QR codes, not so much about the technology of them: it’s far more about how marketers and others use them in their efforts to engage with consumers and others. [...]

How social do you want your PR?


That’s the title of a discussion session I’ll be leading in London on Thursday December 6 as part of the CIPR’s Social Summer series of meetings, designed to encourage an informal and relaxed atmosphere with interesting conversation and networking opportunities. Here’s the programme description from the event description page: How Social Do You Want Your [...]

How to meet entrepreneurs, gain local insights and avoid accommodation costs


Guest post by entrepreneur Fred Caballero, co-founder, StartupStay.com. Entrepreneurs are hard-working, focused people and, many times, they find themselves on a pretty lonely journey. When my partner and I set up our first company in Dublin in 2008, naturally we had 1,000 more questions than when we started our latest one. While travelling, we thought [...]

Gangnam Style heads towards a billion views

Gangnam Style

840,131,442 views since July. Wonder how soon Gangnam Style will hit a billion views. AdAge reckons Dec 11. Watch the video at YouTube: http://youtu.be/9bZkp7q19f0?hd=1 Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell. If you’ve not really heard of Gangnam Style other than that it’s a music video, here’s a bit [...]

350 million tweets a day and more Twitter superlatives


As a communication channel, Twitter is very much part of the mainstream. Indeed, it’s hard to go anywhere on the social web – whether to a story on a news website, an individual blog, a company’s news centre – without encountering a method by which you can easily share and amplify online what you find [...]