Automated Robo Calls Aid Politicians In 2012 Presidential Race

Robo CallsAutomated robo calls are a key factor when it comes to politicians winning big elections.

The Democratic party (Barack Obama) is competing against the Republicans (Mitt Romney) for the title of President of the United States. Both candidates have already showed that they are willing to use robocalls to help their chances of winning the election.

AutomatedCalls offers bulk pricing on our robo calls to give politicians an extremely affordable and efficient way of reaching millions of voters in minutes. Setting up an account only takes a few minutes and there are absolutely no setup fees or hidden costs.

Simply sign up for an account at, record your robo calls, import a list of voters (contact info) and then send your call instantly!

AutomatedCalls Offers Robocalls With No Setup Fees offers members the ability to send hundreds to thousands of robocalls instantly with absolutely no setup fees or hidden costs.

Signing up for an account on AutomatedCalls gives you the ability to send out robocalls for an extremely affordable price. Of course, you might be hesitant to use our “free service” as several other companies charge all sorts of setup fees. Our service is completely free to try and signing up requires no payment whatsoever.

Should you like our free service enough that you want to go ahead and use more than the “1 call to 25 contacts” then you are able to purchase credits or a monthly plan and take advantage of our premium options. Keep in mind that even once you become a premium member, you are not tied down by any contracts – you may stop using AutomatedCalls whenever you choose.

Try sending out robocalls today by signing up for a free account at Рremember there are absolutely no setup fees or hidden charges.

Automated Event Reminders Plan The Perfect Summer Party

Event RemindersPlan the perfect Summer party by using our automated event reminders.

Summertime is officially upon us and with the crazy heat comes the perfect weather for a pool party and BBQ. Planning such a party can be extremely time consuming as well as stressful which is why AutomatedCalls is here to help you out. Using our automated calling system, members can import the phone numbers of all of their friends and family, record a special event reminder and then send it out to everyone in a matter of seconds – don’t leave anyone out by forgetting their invitation.

Signing up for our service is completely free and there are no hidden fees or contracts. Once you are a member of Automated Calls, you may then start planning your Summertime bash. Alleviate some of the stress that comes along with planning the perfect party by letting our system send out all of the invitations for you!

All you have to do to start using our automated event reminders is: sign up for an account, import your contacts, record your fun party message and then either send out your call immediately or schedule it for a later date – it’s really that simple!

Automated GOTV Calls Boost Campaign Supporters

Automated GOTV calls help political campaigns gain last minute supporters before an election.

GOTV is short for “Get Out The Vote” and these types of calls are a last minute effort for political campaigns to gain supporters. Record a persuasive and¬†intriguing¬†message in hopes of swaying potential voters in your favor right before a big election – it’s a good strategy to have your name fresh on the voters minds before they hit the polls.

While politicians can and will send automated robocalls months prior to an election, GOTV calls are what you will receive in the weeks prior to the polls opening. An example Get Out The Vote call is as follows: “This is Tim Smith and I am currently running for President in the upcoming election. I just want to make sure that on Thursday June 10, 2012, you head out to the polls and cast your vote!” The voter is left with your name, the date of the election and the idea that they need to vote – the goal is that they will remember your name and vote for you!

Sign up for an account on AutomatedCalls today and start sending out GOTV calls!

Automated Political Polls Aid Republicans and Democrats in 2012 Elections

Political PollsAutomatedCalls offers both Republicans and Democrats the option to send out millions of automated political polls in a matter of minutes. gives candidates running in the upcoming 2012 elections an opportunity to reach millions of potential voters in a matter of minutes. Our automated calling system does not just provide basic robocalling services, we also provide a plethora of premium options. One premium option that is of great benefit to politicians and campaign managers is our “political polls”.

Our automated political polls allow campaigns to gather important voter data in an extremely efficient and affordable manner. Once signed up for an account with AutomatedCalls, politicians may then import a list of phone numbers which can be gathered by purchasing voter data from individual states or some other form of data collection.

Once your campaign is satisfied with the list of voter phone numbers that are you in your account, you can then set up the automated political polls. AutomatedCalls allows you to ask a question via voice message and then allow your voters to answer that question right over the phone. Recipients of your polls will be given the option to “Press 1 for [blank], Press 2, Press 3…etc.” and those responses will be automatically reported within your AutomatedCalls control panel.

Republicans and Democrats can avoid mailing out millions of political surveys via snail mail by utilizing AutomatedCalls and our political polls – signing up for an account is easy and only takes a minute or two!

Start collecting important voter data today by using to send out millions of automated political polls!

Automated Surf Reports Send Daily Voice Message Alerts

Surf offers beach enthusiasts the option to set up automated surf reports via our voice messaging service.

Summer is approaching rapidly and the weather is a key factor for a day of surfing at the beach. Daily climate and conditions at the beach are unpredictable and that is where comes in to play. Our automated surf reports are capable of sending voice messages to surfers who opt-in, alerting them of the beach conditions on a daily basis.

Cities, towns, states, businesses, and environmental organizations can set up an automated surf report system in a matter of minutes. Upon creating an account with, you would then offer your service to local surf shops and on various websites pertaining to the sport. Have your customers leave their phone # at the register in your surf shop, email it to you or create a custom opt-in form on your website.

Everyone that opted in to your automated surf reports would then receive the voice message alerts that you create and send out ‚Äď you have to add their phone numbers into your AutomatedCalls contact list. Instead of surfers having to call in to a hotline every morning, they would automatically receive the surf conditions, weather forecast, tide schedule and any other information you feel valuable to a great day at the beach.

Start sending out automated surf reports via voice message alerts today by signing up for an account with

Hurricane Season 2012 Text Message Alerts

Hurricane season 2012 is underway and it is important to be prepared should disaster strike in your city.

Automated Calls offers text message alerts on top of their extremely efficient voice broadcasting service. During the 2012 hurricane season it is important for your local city and town to be prepared for the worst. Severe weather alerts can send out notifications in cases of extreme situations such as a direct hit by a tropical storm or hurricane.

Evacuations that are due to extreme tropical storms and hurricanes need to be sent out in a quick and efficient manner and Automated Calls can do just that. Whole cities, towns and states can sign up for an account and set up automated text message alerts that can be sent out to thousands of residents in a matter of seconds – warn people to take shelter before the storm hits!

Import a list of local residents and then set up your very own SMS keyword. Citizens of your town/city/state can then opt-in to receive the hurricane season text message alerts by texting your keyword to our shortcode or by signing up on your local website.

For example, to opt-in to sever weather text message alerts, a citizen would text “HURRICANE” to 80123 and that would add their phone number to the towns Automated Calls contact list.

Make sure you are prepared for Hurricane Season 2012 by setting up text message alerts with Automated Calls!

Memorial Day 2012 Party Planing With Automated Calls

Memorial Day 2012Plan your 2012 Memorial Day party by using Automated Calls to send out invitations to all of your friends, family and co-workers.

For most people living in the United States, Memorial Day 2012 means that they get to enjoy a nice and long three day weekend. What better way to celebrate the holiday and extra day off from work than with a party or BBQ. Automated Calls is here to help you plan your party by sending out hundreds to thousands of invitations via voice message and/or text message.

How can you use Automated Calls to plan your Memorial Day 2012 party? The process is quite simple and the first thing you would need to do is sign up for an account – it’s absolutely free to sign up; no fees or installation required. Once you have signed up, you will want to import a list of contacts that will be receiving your automated party invitations.

Once you have all of your contacts in your AutomatedCalls members area, it is now time to record a voice message or set up a text message. You are playing host to a Memorial Day party/BBQ and you want people to be excited about coming – make your message fun and informative!

The last step in sending out your automated party invitations is to send out your recording to all of your contacts – send your message to thousands of people in a matter of minutes.

Make sure that your Memorial Day 2012 party is something that is talked about by using to send out your custom party invitations.

Automated Church Calls Send Out Prayer Requests

Prayer offers an extremely efficient method for churches and religious groups to alert their entire congregation in a matter of seconds.

It’s time that churches and religious groups across the United States take the giant leap into the age of technology. Don’t rely on the ancient methods of a phone tree to alert all of your religious followers ‚Äď spread the word by using automated church calls!

Using, churches and religious groups can now send out hundreds to thousands of prayer requests in a matter of seconds. The process to send out church calls is easy enough that even those who are not too tech savvy can accomplish it with ease.

Religious leaders will first need to sign up for an account with Automated Calls ‚Äď it’s absolutely free. Once you have created your account and verified your phone number, it is now time to add in your church contacts. Upon entering every religious follower that you would like to receive your prayer requests, the next step is to record your message.

When you have finished recording your automated church call you can then send it out to all of your contacts. offers the ability to send one 30-second message to up to 25 people a week ‚Äď if you have more prayer requests to send than that, we offer credits that you can purchase. (One credit = one 30 seconds message)

Start using automated church calls to send out prayer requests for your religious group today!

Disaster Preparation With Automated Weather Alerts

Is your city or town prepared for severe weather such as floods, tornadoes and blizzards?

Our automated weather alerts can help set up a disaster preparation system so that you are ready for anything that happens. offers an extremely efficient voice broadcasting system that can send out hundreds of thousands of messages in a matter of minutes.

Severe weather alerts can instantly be sent out to your entire community via voice message, text message and/or email. The destruction that can be caused by tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and other various natural disasters is quite severe – don’t warn people too late!

Sign up for a free account with Automated Calls today and set up automated weather alerts so that your city/town is prepared for the worst.


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