• triggeree  •  2 mths ago
  • Stop the spending  •  2 mths ago
    That was the wash cycle, the rinse cycle will be along shortly.
  • ...and you will know us b ...  •  2 mths ago
    You silly Yahoo writers. "Strange white foam covers Scottish village" Two things 1.) Sea foam is not strange it's something we see here quite often, and in fact can be seen all over the world near oceans! 2.) Aberdeen is NOT a village, it's a city. It has a population of about 250,000! Please educate yourself before writing articles.
  • rk  •  2 mths ago
    .....was caused by a high volume of wave activity mixing together water, air and organic material,

    or a BP rig has struck soap.
  • Steven  •  2 mths ago
    It's the Foam Apocalypse!
  • DJ  •  2 mths ago
    Awe, "scrubbing bubbles"!
  • DavidL  •  2 mths ago
    And that's why you don't put regular dishsoap in the dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Nadine  •  2 mths ago
    Looks like something I'd want to jump in, but looks like a pain in the #$%$ to clean up.
  • peaceful  •  2 mths ago
    that not foam baby thats, thats hot butter the con dim broke ! sorry
  • LARRY  •  2 mths ago
    the largest beer foam
  • WT-EFF  •  2 mths ago
    Tons and tons of foamy whale poo...gross.
  • DallasCowboysRULE!!  •  2 mths ago
    that is pretty dang awesome..i have never seen the likes!
  • swami242  •  2 mths ago
    Try surfing in it, it can drown you......
  • .  •  2 mths ago
    It's an attack from a new Mutation of the Rutans. Call the Doctor.
  • SAM  •  2 mths ago
    Freeze it and sell it next summer w/ some food colouring on it . Can't be any worse than the other stuff they sell at the fair .
  • Loveunderlaw  •  2 mths ago
    Someone put too much detergent in the Dishwasher again:)
  • Rob  •  2 mths ago
    That's just nasty looking.
  • Buff111  •  2 mths ago
    Cool Whip
  • Bête Noire  •  2 mths ago
    That's a lot of protein. Something is very wrong.
  • JERRY  •  2 mths ago
    "And when the seventh seal was broken the avenging angel put dish washing soap in the ocean instead of detergent and the world was doomed to sud" Kenmore chap 1: verse 22