Myst for PocketPC

Myst Box Cyan Worlds, Inc., the makers of the Myst and Riven series of photo-realistic, completely immersive adventure games, together with Mean Hamster Software, brings you all of the rich detail, sounds, music and challenging puzzles found in the original release version of Myst, but now in a very portable form designed especially for the Pocket PC.

Purchase Links:
Myst for PocketPC (Pocket Gear)
Myst for PocketPC (RegNow)

Minimum Specifications

Supported Platforms:

  • Any Pocket PC 2002 or higher

Hardware Requirements:

  • 12 MB Free Program Space (8 program and 4 storage)
  • Pocket PC 2002 or Higher
  • Macromedia Flash Player (if not already installed on your device)
  • 32MB Flash Card (recommended)
  • (May run game from internal memory on 64Mb but leaves little room for anything else)
  • (May run game from the device with 128mb built-in memory with no problems.)

Support Contact: