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Morrisons Miles

Morrisons Miles

Morrisons Miles

With a Morrisons Miles Card you can make your money go that little bit further by collecting points at the pumps and earning a £5 shopping voucher. Earn up to 10 Morrisons Miles points with every litre of fuel you purchase.

Once you’ve collected 5000 points on a single card, by purchasing 500 litres of fuel, we’ll give you a £5 shopping voucher to spend in store. Plus, there’s no waiting for the vouchers to be posted, you just pick them up from the petrol station kiosk and spend them in any Morrisons store – it’s as simple as that.

Start saving

Haven’t got your hands on a Morrisons Miles Card yet? Just head down to your local Morrisons petrol station to pick one up and start saving.

Remember, the more you fill up at Morrisons, the more you save, so don’t forget to use your card every time you visit one of our petrol stations!

Your top FAQs about our petrol stations

What are the rewards for using a Morrisons Miles Card?

Once you have reached 5000 points, you can collect a £5 shopping voucher from one of our petrol stations. This can then be spent in any of our stores. Unfortunately, you are unable to spend your Miles Voucher at: Petrol Stations, Cigarette kiosk, Pharmacy, Lottery, Café, Photo Processing, Dry Cleaning, Gift Vouchers and Mobile Phone Cards.

Can I use my Morrisons Miles Card with the Pay at the Pump facility?

Yes, there is a selection button to press after fuelling.

My points weren’t added from my previous visit, what shall I do?

Just take in your receipt into a Morrisons petrol station where your points can be added.

I’ve moved address, do I need to change my details on my Morrisons Miles Card?

Morrisons Miles Cards are not registered to a specific person so no changes are needed.

What happens if I lose my Morrisons Miles Card?

Morrisons Miles Cards aren’t registered and they only contain the number of points available. However, we can only transfer these if you can inform us of the card number.

How can I see how many points I've collected on my Morrisons Miles Card?

This should be shown on your receipt. If not please ask staff in our Petrol Station who will be happy to check for you - you will also be able to see the information on the customer display screen whilst it is being checked.

How can I get a Morrisons Miles Card?

You can collect a Morrisons Miles Card at any Morrisons Petrol station. Find your nearest station here.


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