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Real Name

Jorel Decker

Stage Name



May 1, 1985 (age 27)

J-Dog is the bass guitarist for Hollywood Undead, but he also does vocal from time to time. The dollar on his mask was next to him in the kitchen where the band members chose their masks, and put it on the masks mouth to make his mask 'unique'. J-Dog's real name is Jorel Decker. J-Dog does not have a Facebook account, or a Twitter account, as Hollywood Undead announced on their official Twitter that any other Facebook or Twitter accounts other than the bands official page, they are impersonators.

J-Dog has the most aggresive lyrics to sing in the band. When he sings, his lyrics are about death/dying, love problems, stronger thoughts, and violence. But sometimes he'll sing about partying and girls, but he hasn't done this recently. J-Dog's favourite song from the band is Hear Me Now.


  • His ears are gauged.
  • His most embarrasing moment was when he was hanging out with a girl that he sort of had a crush on, but then went to jail for 2 days because of that for some reason (with the girl going free).
  • He essentially came up with the name "Hollywood Undead" for the band because at first, they were originally going to name it "The Undead," but Jorel showed the name on a piece of paper to one if his neighbours, who read it incorrectly and thought it was "Hollywood Undead" and then Jorel thought Hollywood Undead was better.
  • He has a girfriend, who's name is Vanessa James.
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