About Me

Not a real blogger, I am a UI Developer, writing a typical blog about my inspirations, thoughts, work and such. I live in Bangalore, India and dream about all the things this universe contains and the things which can inspire us. I am a big fan of the digital world. I love beautiful and cool Websites with perfect pixels. Playing with my virtual color palette and making usable, functional and beautiful sites is my day to day work.

‘Gulmohar Doodles’ is a creative outlet for me to share what inspires me; my love for pixels, divine food, vintage graphics and other (internet-found) fabulousness. Sometimes I will give out advice that I think will be helpful to someone, other times I will ramble on in an attempt at understanding things that are essential for me!

It’s my hope that you too will find inspiration, delight, and comfort in these little doodles I write day by day. Do leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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