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"Diary of Pt.. F.G Somerville".

 (This information was kindly supplied to me by his Grandson Alan)
Many thanks Alan.

I've included this diary of Fred Somerville as I think it is an important

piece of history showing that all these veterans suffered a similar experience during the infamous Death March.

Fred Somerville was captured at Dunkirk in 1940 and
was in the Royal
Auxiliary Service Corps - he was from Edinburgh , Scotland.


Pt.. F.G Somerville No. T/55813  - POW No. 10277 - Stalag VIIIB 
No.1 L & C Railhead Coy , RASC , BEF.

Left E769 , (Lamsdorf) Jan 22nd 1945 on the march.
Monday 22nd Jan - Started at 4.30pm arrived at HEBERTDORF after 12 Hours march.
Jan 25th - SHANON
Jan 29th - Rest.
Jan 31st - MARZDORF (Near Glatz)
Feb. 1st   - Rest.
Feb. 2nd  - KAMNITZ
Feb. 3rd  - OTTENDORF
Feb. 4th  - Rest.
Feb. 6th  - Rest.
Feb. 7th  - Rest.
Feb. 8th  - Rest.
Feb. 10th - ALBENDORF
Feb. 11th - Rest.
Feb. 12th - AULTENBUCH
Feb. 13th - Entered CHEK CISTA
Feb. 14th - SOBREIAS
Feb. 15th - Rest.
Feb. 16th - SAMSCHIN
Feb. 17th - SUCHROWITZ
Feb. 18th - Rest.
Feb. 19th - OBER CRUPPEI
Feb. 20th - REIDSTADT
Feb. 21st - STRASENITZ
Feb. 23rd - AUSCHINE
Feb. 24th - PROBSTAW
Feb. 25th - Rest.
Feb. 26th - OSSEGG
Feb. 27th - NEUDORF
Feb. 28th - Rest.
Mar 1st - WISTRITZ
Mar 3rd - GFELL (Sick today)
Mar 5th - FOLKENAU
Mar 6th - Rest.
Mar 8th - Rest.
Mar 11th - Rest.
Mar 12th - Rest.
Mar 13th - ???? (Bavaria 736 KOM)
Mar 14th - ROSLAU
Mar 15th - Rest.
Mar16th - Had to strip off and wash in small lake. The first for 8 weeks.
Mar 17th - GEFREES
Mar 18th - ROSENTHAL
Mar 19th - Rest.
Mar 20th - Rest.
Mar 21st - Rest. (First day of spring)
Mar 22nd - Rest. (2 months to day by date since we left Wifo¹o Hydebreck)
  Parcels up - 1 between 2 men 
      1 between 10 men 
      50 cigs each man (Thank God)
Mar 23rd - Rest.
Mar 24th - Rest. (Still held up - 5 years today by date I left home after leave from
                                                                                   France). Washed my shirt and 2
Mar 25th - Rest. (Talk of move tomorrow)
Mar 26th - Rest. (Still held up)
Mar 27th - Entrained this morning and arrived at Nuremberg about 7pm.
            Stayed over night in wagon 70 men in ours.
Mar 28th - Arrived at Stalag X111D outside Nuremberg.
Mar 29th - De-loused today and bath.
            Sent letter card to Geneva.
Mar 30th - Good Friday At Stations of the Cross Service - By French priest.
Mar 31st - Heard the VB. ?
Apr 1st Easter Sunday - Registered this morning.
Apr 2nd Easter Monday - Left Stalag X111D in wagons (55 men) for ?
                   1 parcel between 2 men.
                   Traveled 25 K and held up .Threatened by planed circling
                                            overhead .Returned to Stalag X111D about midnight.
Apr 3rd - Talk of moving of whole Stalag tomorrow.
Apr 4th - W/OT  all NCO¹s moved to A Force compound.20 Cigs Personal each man.
Apr 5th - No bread today.
Apr 6th - Soup only from Jerry.
Apr 7th - 8 in a loaf today.
Apr 8th - Talk of moving to RAF compound.
        Outbreak of Typhus and black water fever in Russian compound.
        Moved to RAF compound  (Soup only from Jerry)
Apr 9th - 1 American parcel between 4 men. 
Apr 10th - 1 Jerry loaf between 12 men - yesterday it was 1 between 18 men.
Apr 11th - Biscuits instead of bread from Jerry (4 each man)
Apr 12th - Announced today that the camp is under quarantine for 19 days.
           Bread up - 8 men to a loaf.
Apr 13th -1 English and 1 American between 2 men.
          No bread today from Jerry.
Apr 14th - Left Stalag X111D for ?  - 25 Kos
          1 parcel each man American.
Apr 15th - Housed in barn in small village. Arrived about 2.30am this morning.
   ALLERSBURG 24 Kos.Moved again at 7.30pm - arrived at ? at 7 am Monday 
             (About 25 KOs) 
Apr 16th - Rest day.
Apr 17th - Moved to ? at 7pm , arrived at 5.30pm (31 Kos)
Apr 18th - Day of rest - No word of moving.
Apr 19th - Reckon I'm stepping on a bit - 41 years old today , looking (at the latest forward 
           for wee Frieda¹s birthday in June.
          Moved again - 15 Kos tonight. Arrived at midnight at ?
Apr 20th - On the move.
Apr 21st - Moved again.
Apr 22nd - On the move - stomach bad.
Apr 23rd - Rest (taken charcoal)
Apr 24th - On the move - Canceled.
Apr 25th - Seen the MO - on the march tonight.
Apr 26th -  ?
Apr 27th -  ?
Apr 28th -  ?
Sunday 29th April - Liberated by the Yanks this morning (Thank God) 3rd Army.
       Marched to Moosberg  to Stalag VIIA - slept in private billets
Apr 30th - 1 American parcel each man. 1 egg per man.
May 1st - Snowing this morning.
May 2nd - In the Officers Mess to kill the time.
May 3rd -  ?
May 4th -  ?
May 5th -  ?
May 6th - De-loused tonight at 11.30pm (quick work)
May 7th - Moved off from Stalag XIIA at 5.30am in Yank wagons for airdrome.
          REGENSBERG on the Danube - stayed the night here.
 May 8th - Left by (V Day) plane today at 2.30pm. Arrived ? France at 5pm.
          Liege and 2.5 hours and wagon to Namur.
May 9th - Left Namour for Brussels by wagon and stayed night.
May 10th - Left Brussels drome at 5 to 12 and arrived on England at 1.15pm by
            Lancaster bomber. By wagon to Kindford , Sussex.

Xmas card 1941
Xmas card 1942

Christmas cards from camp 1941 and 1942
(talented artists.)

Day of Days Liberation

Liberation Day.

The back of the photo
Back of photo

All photographs and documents on this page
belong to Alan Tweedie Fred's grandson
and may not be removed or copied as
Alan Tweedie owns the copyright.

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