What kind of Payment Plans are available?

There are several different types of payment plans, or installment agreements available through the IRS. There are plans that allow you to pay in full over an extended period of time, while there are others that provide extensions.

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How do I know which plan is right for me?

Determining which plan is right for you will require an evaluation of your tax debt, and a comparison of the available payment plans. Assessing how much of your tax debt is penalties and considering how much income you will have to pay off your tax obligation over time are important factors to consider.

USTR recommends that if you are considering a payment plan, you should consult with a quality tax professional before making a decision. There are many options available and it takes an expert to know which is best.

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How do I Know if I Should Contact a Tax Professional?

USTR believes that contacting a tax resolution professional is common sense. When you have a medical problem, you contact a doctor. When you have a car problem, you contact a mechanic. When you have a tax problem, you should contact a tax professional. Many tax professionals provide a FREE consultation and USTR can connect you with some of the best tax professionals in the country.

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