What can IRS Representation do for me?

Having a professional represent you on your behalf to the IRS can be very beneficial. The IRS is tasked with collecting every penny of tax debt you owe. They are not "on your side" and they will utilize every option under the law to collect money from you.

Having representation can protect your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly by the IRS.

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Why would I need IRS Representation?

If you have a large tax debt or are facing one more tax problems (such as a Tax Lien), you will need tax resolution. Tax resolution occurs by dealing with the IRS. You may need to have phone calls or meetings with the IRS, during which you will make decisions on how you will pay your tax obligation. Having an advocate can resolve your tax obligation favorably and potentially save you hours upon hours of time.

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What if I'm not Sure What to do?

USTR recommends if you are considering getting IRS Representation you should consult a quality tax professional to see what advantages they can offer to you.

Many tax professionals provide a free consultation, which can inform you of the rights and options you have as a taxpayer. In many cases, you can save thousands of dollars or more by resolving your tax debt with the help of a pro.

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How do I Know if I Should Contact a Tax Professional?

USTR believes that contacting a tax resolution professional is common sense. When you have a medical problem, you contact a doctor. When you have a car problem, you contact a mechanic. When you have a tax problem, you should contact a tax professional. Many tax professionals provide a FREE consultation and USTR can connect you with some of the best tax professionals in the country.

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