Smart way to electing government leaders (Politicians)

The word "Politician" should be synonymous to "Noble, Honest, Hero, Selfless, Wise, Giver".

We need to design a Public Leadership 10-year doctorate degree university program which installs, tests and requires these attributes, and makes it a prerequisite for anyone running for public office.  Just as more than a decade of RELEVANT education & experience is required to be a board certified surgeon.

It's immature to think that anyone who has the money, is an accomplished lawyer, business man or women or an oil tycoon is suited to be The President of the United States (or any country), Governor, or even just Mayor.

We spend millions to get voters out to the polls, but it's all a big waste of time & money because the specimens (candidates) we have to choose from are not fit for the job.  We've done nothing to make sure they are.  Are they "Noble, Honest, Hero, Selfless, Wise, Giver"?  Maybe "Wise" you say?  Not even that.  If they were wise, they would force themselves to be "Noble, Honest, Hero, Selfless, Wise, Giver".

If you wanted to eat steak, would you go to a restaurant that doesn't have steak?  When we vote, we are trying to elect a leader who is "Noble, Honest, Hero, Selfless, Wise, Giver" but that option is not on the menu.  We need to make sure it is.  In fact we need to make sure every single candidate has these attributes AT THE MINIMUM.

Consider this scenario:  My son wants to eat steak, but I don't want him to.  So at the restaurant I ask him if he wants chicken, burrito, or pizza.  He chooses pizza and eats.  The voting process is a loaded question just like this.   In reality our children wouldn't be fooled so easily, and more often than not would ask if they can have steak.  On the other hand, "We the people" just go along with this.

When we go to vote, every single candidate should be "Noble, Honest, Hero, Selfless, Wise, Giver".  It's up to us.

Please pass this information to as many others as possible.

You personally can help by sharing your expertise, money or time. I need immediate help from: Lawyers, Media professionals, Philanthropists, IT people, Social Media & Network experts, Politicians, Mental Health professionals, Social Workers, Economists, Mass Transit professionals, Advertisement Companies, Public Relations Professionals, and anyone else who wants to help Significantly Improve the World.

If you can help in any way financially or otherwise, or know someone who wants to, please send email to or call my cell 424-222-3331.


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