Click to enlargeFinally, five months after the initial release, we’ve created an English version of our WordPress theme Blass.

Latest download here. (WordPress 2.5+ required)

You can see Blass in action at and HALBZWO.

About this theme:

  • No images – CSS only. Reduces traffic and loading time.
  • Widgetized, but the default sidebar looks pretty, too.
  • You can administer your Blog WITHIN your Blog. Thanks, Michael!
  • Also included: An archives.php file. Simply write a new page and choose “Archives” as your post template (yep, that’s one of the blue boxes). This will create an archive based on months, categories and tags.

How to install

  1. Download and unzip it.
  2. Upload the folder to /wp-content/themes/ to get /wp-content/themes/blass/
  3. Activate Blass via your administration panel. Dashboard → Presentation → Blass
  4. Change the default blahblah I used for the “About this Blog” box by replacing it with your text in sidebar.php


Creative Commons LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 — That means: You are allowed to use Blass on commercial weblogs. You can remix this theme to whatever you want. However, and that’s important to me, you’re not allowed to remove the backlink provided in the footer. Good work needs to be credited. :)

Where to report bugs, stupid mistakes and crappy grammar?

Right here. I’d love to hear your opinion about this theme. You’re welcome to leave a comment. Please state your WordPress version when reporting bugs.

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89 Kommentare zu “WordPress Theme Blass — English version”

  • Jason

    Hi, I love this skin because it’s so simple and clean – I’m using it for my new blog. However just thought you might like to know that I had some xhtml validation errors involving a missing tag. I finally found it in the index.php file. I added the tag right before the timestamp and voila! Thanks for the great skin and keep up the great work.

  • Simon

    Hi Jason,
    thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.
    I’ve just uploaded a corrected version of Blass to the WP theme directory.

    The opening “small”-tag was missing in archives.php, index.php and single.php.

  • Jeremy

    Thank you so much for this great skin. It’s so simple, elegant and care-free. For a blog, it celebrates the text. If you don’t like to write on your blog, then perhaps you should look elsewhere. If you do like to write, this is your skin! Thank you again!

  • Steve Pogue

    Put site up yesterday. Starting adding blogs from a previous site and backdating them. At first it worked fine.

    Now some of them no longer have the date/Edit line on them.

    Not sure why some have this and some don’t.

  • Steve Pogue

    Also — All of the posts have the date/Edit when you go to them through the Archive navigation.
    The dates don’t appear if you go to them through the Newest Posts navigation.

  • Simon

    @Jeremy: Thanks for the praise! I’m glad you like it so much.

    @Steve: It seems you have v1.5 of Blass installed, which accidentally has no sidebar when you click on a particular post. I noticed this bug (or is it a feature?) yesterday and uploaded v1.6 to You can download the corrected version as soon as they’ve updated their directory.

    If you don’t want to wait, have a look at the files index.php and single.php. Copy the line that starts with ‘div class=”date”‘ in index.php to the exact same place in single.php and everything will be fine again.
    (Please note that WordPress always uses index.php and archives.php for your frontpage (and page 2, 3, 4, etc.), for archives, categories and tags. When you click the heading of a single post, it uses single.php, where in v1.6 the date and additional information are shown in the sidebar.)

  • Adrian Lang

    Danke für das schöne Theme. Wenn ich das richtig sehe ist die deutsche Version nicht auf dem gleichen Stand wie die englische, stimmt das?

  • Simon

    Das stimmt. An der deutschen Version arbeite ich wohl erst weiter, wenn WordPress Deutschland sich dazu herablässt wieder Themes aufzunehmen bzw. bestehende zu aktualisieren.
    Du könntest die style.css der englischen Version übernehmen, dann bist du (fast) auf dem aktuellen Stand.

  • Adrian Lang

    Hab’s mir selbst übersetzt und dabei gleich angepasst:
    abrufbar ist yBlass unter – vielleicht hilft es jemandem.

    Unter welcher Lizenz habt ihr das gute Stück nun eigentlich veröffentlicht? Die Backlink-Klausel ist nicht GPL-konform.

  • Simon

    Ok, dann eben CC Attribution-Share Alike. Hab’s jetzt auch in den Artikel geschrieben.

    (Dein Kommentar war wegen der beiden Links in der Warteschleife.)

  • Rick

    I see you have a logo on – how and what size would I need to be able to replace text with a logo

    Thanks, Rick

  • Simon’s logo is 250px wide, but you could go up to about 500px, it’s your choice basically.

    Replace line 67 of header.php

    < ?php bloginfo('name'); ?>

    with a link to your imgage, as shown in this example.

  • Rick

    Thanks Simon, the logo should be easy to change!

    It seems the 1.6 version does not add an extra break between paragraphs for some reason. I have actually tried using the code and no luck? Any ideas?

    I had version 1.5 prior and it seemed to work then, I have tried to write new posts but same results.

  • Simon

    Oops. Thanks for noticing. :)

    That’s easy to fix. Replace line 127 of style.css (#content p)

    /* margin:25px 0; */


    margin:25px 0;

    I somehow left this line commented for no reason. Will upload Blass v1.6.1 to now. Thanks again!

  • Rick

    Perfect – Very Nice!

  • joshua

    Hello. I have installed nextgen gallery with blass 1.6 and everything appears nicely on the page with all the posts next to each other, but on pages of individual posts the theme pushes the posted gallery to the bottom of the sidebar, so there is a long empty space before the pictures are visible.///

  • Todd Sieling

    Thanks so much for sharing the Blass theme. It’s a really nice treatment and very nice to look at and work with.

    I’m a bit new to WordPress themes, and I’m having trouble understanding if this theme should show trackbacks. I have approved trackbacks in the database, but I can’t get them to appear in the posts themselves.

    Are trackbacks not shown by design, or have I missed a setting somewhere?
    Thanks again!

  • Simon

    @joshua: This sounds like a
    issue. Can you show me an example? I can’t reproduce the error here as I’m not going to test Blass against every plugin out there. :-/

    @Todd Sieling: Blass doesn’t differentiate between comments and trackbacks. If you’ve allowed trackbacks on your blog (Settings –> Discussion) then they will show up. Sometimes it just takes a while… and be sure to check your comment moderation queue, trackbacks are often considered spam.

  • joshua

    Simon, check it out here:


  • Frank

    @joshua: I agree with Simon, it seems to be a plugin issue. Is there any way to customize ngg’s output? If that’s the case, try to get rid of that line: <div class=’ngg-clear’></div>. That may fix it.

  • Rick

    FWIW – I am using nextgen here: it’s a PAGE and it works nicely

    If nextgen is used in a POST I do get the same results as Joshua with the gallery (or album) pushed down just below where the sidebar ends. I do believe it’s something in nextgen since any text inserted PRIOR to either nextgen gallery id or album id code also pulls this down. Hope this makes sense…


  • joshua


    For me the code prior to the gallery ID does not get pulled down…..

  • Simon

    Well, did you guys try what Frank suggested?
    Some other people posted the same question at and they fixed the problem by commenting / deleting the line clear:both; in NGG’s stylesheet. — It definitely is a plugin issue.

  • joshua

    Thank you! That worked.

    I edited the file nggallery.css in the css folder of this plugin, and commented out line 122 in the “Gallery style” section. That line is simply clear:both;

    Thanks again for your help guys.

  • Rick

    “clear: both” needs to be removed in 2 areas of the “Gallery Style” section of CSS and it will work fine…


  • shmook

    Great theme – clean and elegant. Thanks!

    But I have one problem – how can I make the Administration links in sidebar.php refer to my base directory, instead of / on the host?

    Example: “Write a new Entry” points to
    but it should point to

    I hope this is not a noob question :)

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

  • msykes

    There is an issue with the alternate comment styling in the latest version. In the comments.php file, line 17 reads:

    $oddcomment = ‘alt’

    This has the effect of inserting “alt” into the comment ID, and not actually applying the class alt for the first comment only (comments 3, 5, 7 etc are fine).

    Changing this line to…

    $oddcomment = ‘class=”alt” ‘

    (note the space before the closing ‘) In a manner similar to line 47 has the desired effect of styling comment 1 in the alternate manner.

  • Peter

    GREAT theme indeed. I love the simplicity, order and “cleanliness”, if I may say so. It’s very well organized and pragmatic.

    I only have one question about it – I’m really a beginner in CSS and I was asking myself…would it be really hard for me to move the column on the left-hand side instead of having it on the right?

    I mean, do I just have to change 2-3 lines of code, or will I have to rewrite most of the CSS template file?


  • Rick


    I think you’re much better off finding a wordpress theme with a left side menu/sidebar and then fool with the CSS to somewhat mimic Blass. :-)

  • Simon

    @shmook: These links start in line 96 of sidebar.php, add your base directory there.

    @msykes: Thanks for sharing. I never used alternate comment styling, it was a leftover from earlier versions.

    @Peter: It’s a bit more than changing just two lines, but you don’t have to rewrite everything. In the end it’s all margin, padding and width. :)

  • jela

    danke und kompliment für dieses reduziert auf das wesentliche theme!
    ich habe leider nur ein problem. offensichtlich gibt es eine fehlerhafte darstellung, wenn eine grafikdatei als .png mit transparenzen eingefügt ist. ich benutze zum (offline)schreiben den ‘microsoft live writer’ mit einem polaroid-plugin (effekt) für das einfügen von bildern. wenn ich das blass-theme benutze wird der transparente hintergrund der eingefügten bilder leider grau dargestellt. eine idee woran das liegt und was machen dagegen machen kann?

  • Frank

    @jela: Welchen Browser benutzt Du und hast Du die Seite mal in einem anderen Browser betrachtet? Ich vermeine mich zu erinnern, dass der Internet Explorer in älteren Versionen Probleme mit der Darstellung transparenter PNGs hatte. Am Theme liegt das sicherlich nicht, aber ich würde dir raten, falls möglich, die Hintergrundfarbe im Live Writer-Plugin einfach auf weiß statt transparent zu stellen.

  • Adrian Lang

    @jela das liegt vermutlich an dem hinter dem bild liegenden Link, der einen grauen Hintergrund hat.

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  • Matt

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve added Blass to my list to the Best WP Themes from around the web. Check it out at

    Great work!

    (It also made my list of the best WP themes of 2008!)

  • Rick

    Quick question regarding Tags…

    The Tag Cloud does not appear to update as I add more Tags? I have found some tags I’ve added recently are not appearing

    Thanks, Rick

  • Aaron

    I’m working with a friend that’s trying to tweak Blass. The sidebar wraps with:


    and we would prefer to keep the content width static (e.g. sidebar extends to the bottom of the page or content keeps width as if the sidebar extends down). What would you suggest we change to accomplish this?

    Thank you much for your theme.

  • Beluga

    Hi, I’m currently using your lovely theme.

    But I have some problems with my comment section. There appears some message error like this :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_avatar() in /home/eigredbu/public_html/wp01/wp-content/themes/blass2/comments.php on line 31

    Would you be able to tell me how to fix that?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Frank

    (I’m answering because Simon is heavily busy at the moment.)

    This problem should appear only when using WordPress versions prior to 2.5. These lack the built-in support for Gravatars (Gravatars are centralized user avatars for blogs that you can set up at
    The easiest option ist to update your blog software. If you don’t want to do that, try installing the WP Gravatar plugin or delete the following line from the file comments.php located in Blass’ theme directory:
    <?php echo get_avatar( $comment, $size = ’24′, $default = ‘<path_to_url>’ ); ?>

  • Beluga

    Thank you for your time and answer Frank. I appreciate it very much. Following your advise, I have updated my WP version. It works out fine now. Thanks again for the opportunity to use your lovely theme. Keep up the good work – Simon and yourself!

  • Luke

    I love your theme, but I have one small requirement. How to remove the borders around images embedded in blog posts/pages?

  • Simon

    @Frank: Danke! Heavily busy trifft es seeeehr genau. :)

    @Luke: Open style.css and remove this line:
    border:5px solid #eee;

  • EinbauStrahler

    This is an amazing theme! Really – you did such a good job with it. I love it!

    – Please avoid giving URLs in your comments that are capable of making you look like a stupid keyword-spamming butthole. I removed the link to “your” site. Frank

  • Lan Lan

    Hi I really like the blass2 theme but I think it might have a bug. When I add a gallery into my post, there is a huge space between my title and my gallery content. This only happens to the most recent post, and only happens when I use the blass2 theme. You can see it from my website url. Really want to use this nice looking theme if I can fix this. PS. I’m using the blass2 theme in conjunction with cleaner gallery plugin.

  • Lan Lan

    Hey I’m beginning to fix it by putting the get_sidebar below the main content and adding a div to it. It looks like somehow the sidebar is blocking some space inbetween posts…

  • Rick

    Lan Lan – the answer is in one of the earlier posts


  • Alan

    I really like the simplicity of this theme, but want to make is even simpler, what I want to do is host a WP blog which I “call” to another site in a wrapper.
    To make that look right I want to remove the top line and (I think it’s called) the header.
    So: in your example, there would not be any text of Home Jetzt mitmachen! Impressum
    and the next line down with the zoonar logo would be empty as well.
    The only text I want is the posts and the right hand side bar.

    Is this possible – many thanks

  • Sean


    I have managed to remove the borders of plain images, but i am battling to remove the borders off linkable images.

    Is there a way to do this?

  • Frank

    Hi Sean, just put border="0" inside the img tag to get rid of link borders.

  • Lee

    The sidebar appears in Posts, but not in Pages. How do I get the sidebar to appear in Pages? Thanks.

  • gloria marie


    look at the top of the single.php page, and copy the get sidebar tag, it’s the second tag, and paste in the page.php page. i posted mines under the header tag, but i imagine it doesn’t matter where you paste it.

    but thank you lee for opening my eyes of what was going on, why i didn’t have a sidebar. i am using all pages and no posts, and after i read your comment i did what i just described and now i have a sidebar in my pages. most themes have sidebars in pages and posts, and so i was a bit confused. thanks!

  • jodi

    sorry for the beginner comment, but can i put my “add this” code into the blue section directly under the post? next to the comments & category section. Thanks!

  • Peter

    Hi there,

    i love the blass theme and use it on my blog

    I’d like to have an extra sidebar on the right side. Can you give me a hint, a website or a step-by-step-help to do that? Sorry, i’m no expert in doing that, but i’m very patient in such a things.
    So, is there any instruction in the web outside?

  • Simon


    … and you’d have to style the second sidebar via style.css, too.

  • Peter

    @Simon: Thanks, i will have a look on it.

    Can i use the same codes from the origin style.css?

  • Simon

    Sure. Changing #sidebar to #sidebar2 is a good starting point. :)

  • Anangga Pratama

    Hi, Thanks for this amazing theme. I’m using it for my small blog and have made a little modification for the header, I hope that’s all right with you :)

  • Jeff

    I notice the footer.php is implemented in an unusual way. This seems like it would cause a problem for Google Analytics, whose script is usually pasted into the footer file just above the “body” tag. But Blass footer.php has no such tag. Can Google Analytics work with Blass theme?

  • Heather Ballantine

    thank you for this theme, i’m sure i’ll have this up on one of my blogs. i’m more of a minimal person myself..

  • Shang Lee

    Hi Simon, thanks for the wonderful theme. I’ve used it in my blog. Just wondering how to increase the size of the font for the tagline? thanks a million!

  • Anangga Pratama

    Jeff : Yep, I’m implementing Google Analytic with no problem at all. Although I do remember playing and changing some code to some of the theme instance, implementing Google Analytic goes pretty well for me using a wp plugin :)

  • Jeff

    Anangga – Oh good, I’m glad to hear that. Can you recall what kind of changes you had to make to the code? Also, what plugin do you use?

  • Anangga Pratama

    I use the Google Analytics for WP by Joost de Valk. I don’t recall what I have changed but if I don’t mistaken, I move the closing body tag and html to footer from index,single post,archive,page template.

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  • A Mae

    Hello, first thank you for a beautiful theme.

    Is there a way to get a header image going? At first I thought not, because you say “No images – css only,” but then I noticed your example has an image.

    I’ve saved my header image in my wp-includes/images file. Please let me know if that is the first step and what to do from here.

    Thank you!

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  • Kiki

    Ein wunderschönes, cleanes Theme, das ich gleich eingebaut habe. Ich wüßte jetzt nur noch gerne, wie ich auf weiteren Seiten die Kommentarfunktion implementieren kann, so daß sie nicht standardmäßig deaktiviert ist?

  • Caroline

    I cannot get theme to show properly in IE 7, it displays perfectly in Chome,Firefox and Safari, I tried changing code to Strict from Transitional on header page, but that did not work. Any suggestions please, I love the clean crisp design! Thank you.

  • Michael

    I’m trying to customise Blass a little although have very little CSS knowledge – trial and error really!

    Basically, I’d like to make the content box ~670px and the sidebar around 290px. I know this would probably changing some of the header and footer code as well.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction please?

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  • Andrea

    Hey there– thanks for the great theme. I’ve done a bit of custom color customization but would like to ask about the “About” nav button as I can’t for the life of me seem to find it anywhere. All I want to do is make it all lower case to match the rest of the style of the blog, but I’ve looked everywhere for the code to no avail. I’ve even tried adding lowercase tags to the text but that didn’t work. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    And if by chance you have time, I’d love to be able to replace the header with an image but don’t want to lose linkability as the home page. Is that possible? If so, how do I do it? Thanks for your help.

  • Rick

    CSS > look for /* metadata sidebar (about this post) >…

    as far as images in header, it should be found near the top of this thread…

    FYI – I am using Blass2 1.6.2 version…

  • John

    Is there are simple CSS to add that will allow drop down menus for my parent pages to allow child pages to drop down?

  • Adam Roslan

    Can you help me to enable Legacy Comment? Thanks.

  • Tracy

    Hello, first, I want to say thank you for this gorgeous theme!
    It’s been great, but I’m having a 2 cross-browser issues.
    1) The placement of the word “search” next to the search box at the top is wonky in Firefox on a Mac. It appears to be normal everywhere else
    2) The placement of the copy in the “sidebar” colored box in the sidebar is below the box in IE 7 on a PC, but normal everywhere else.
    Can you help?
    I’m using WP 2.9.1

  • Rick

    @Tracy – Nice work! I checked your site on both a PC and a Mac and as far as the “search” breaking below the box, it looked OK on a Mac using FF and Safari and on a PC using IE8. On a PC using Chrome and FF it did break below box…

    IMAO – This is probably due to how each browser interprets font size…

    But all else looks good!

  • Tracy

    @rick, thanks for the feedback.
    Fixed those problems, but this is another problem i’ve been having since day 1:
    I can only edit dates and add tags when i am working in IE. I cannot make these changes in any other browser (does an odd thing when i try to add a tag, it writes over the greyed word “tag” in that box).
    Any suggestions? Is it a known issue? I have the problem on both PC’s and Macs.

    Thanks, again.

  • Pooqo

    I have used it but there is a problem starting it. There is something like “Failed starting plugin. An error occured”

  • Tracy

    Me, again.
    Wondering if there’s a way to:
    1) Take away the “comments” link, since I’ve closed comments on the blog.
    2) add the post author in its place at the bottom of the post

    Thanks much!

  • Tracy

    One more question! I’m trying to install google analytics and want to insert code prior to the body tag in the footer.php, but i don’t see one. Is there somewhere else I should be inserting the code?

  • Brian

    Love the theme but would like to make links in posts (but not in sidebar) more visible. That is, dark blue or other color as opposed to the light grey it is now. Where and how would I do this?

    Much appreciated.

  • Jeff Swanson

    I was wondering if you accept small donations as a replacement for having the footer link.

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  • shana

    hi there – i’m new to wordpress and am exploring themes. i love the elegant, clean layout of your design. it’s beautiful. can you please clarify something for me re: images? it states, “no images” however on the sample site there are images? i’m a photographer/blogger so of course i need to have the ability to post images. i did get an error message when i tried.

    thanks much from shana

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