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Lee Hyori learns the optimal camera angle for perfect selca photo

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Lee Hyori proved that she was an expert when it came to taking the perfect selca photo.

On May 9th, the singer shared the above photo via her Twitter page and wrote, “Sunghee is on a business trip, so I got my make-up done by chief Jung for the first time in a long while.

Hyori took a snapshot at herself, holding the camera at the most optimal angle for self-photos, and her make-up drew attention as it seemed to be for ‘Cotton Day 2012‘ which she attended the same day.

When praised for her stunning beauty, Hyori remarked, “I look like a celebrity, huh?”, and “I finally got the angle down,” causing her followers to explode in laughs.

In related news, Lee Hyori who is now a vegetarian served as an ambassador at the annual ‘Cotton Day 2012′, held by the American Cotton Association to help promote natural fibers.

You can check out her photos from the ‘Cotton Day 2012′ event below.

Source: SeoulNewspaperNTN via Nate
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