10.25.2011 - Jeffrey performs the song Everybody’s Famous, somewhere in the Presidio, in San Francisco, CA

4.19.2011 - Last Night I Dreamed of Televison. Joe’s Pub. New York, NY.

3.18.2011 - Train to Jackson. Schuba’s Tavern. Chicago, IL.

1.13.2012 - Jeffrey performs the song Ghost Repeater, at the Club Cafe in Pittsburgh PA.

On a wintery afternoon at the Café Carpe in Fort Atkinson, Sound Pass sat in on Jeffrey, Peter Mulvey, David Goodrich, and Barry Rothman as they grabbed a beer, chatted away, and sang some tunes. Sound Pass is produced by Mindpool Live.


Pretty Girl in a Small Town Pretty Girl in a Small Town

Original Demo

Horse Latitudes Horse Latitudes

Original Stereo Demo

Albuquerque (Neil Young) Albuquerque (Neil Young)

Cold Satellite channels the Horse, Signature Sounds Studio June 2011

Geese Fly By Geese Fly By

Alternate Acoustic Guitar mix (rough mix, unmastered)

Starlight & Static Starlight & Static

Original Demo