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Elseblogging: Unplugged Alt-rock at Audiography

December 6th, 2007 — 12:05 am

Just put up a post of substance over at long-standing “collaborative music blog” Audiography, where this week’s theme is “unplugged”. Head on over for some powerful acoustic versions of pop songs performed solo (or almost-solo) by their original lead singers, plus a growing list of this week’s contributions from others in the community.

Want a teaser or two? Here’s a song that’s worth posting twice, by unplugged alt-grunge leader of the Lemonheads. It’s not folk, but it sure sounds like it.

Other unplugged re-cuts over at Audiography? Jeff Tweedy’s live version of I’m The Man Who Loves You, Neil Finn’s stripped down recovery of Don’t Dream It’s Over, Depeche Mode covering Johnny Cash covering Depeche Mode, and the boys of Death Cab For Cutie with a great acoustic Crooked Teeth.

Today’s bonus folkcoversong & unplugged version (not available at Audiography):

Back Sunday for another massive paean to the best covers of the folkworld. Enjoy the weekend!

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