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Good News, Bad News: A Metapost Interlude

January 29th, 2008 — 06:18 pm

The good news is, thanks to a totally random process involving a five year old and 29 small pieces of paper, one of YOU has just won an autographed copy of Shelby Lynne’s new Dusty Springfield tribute Just A Little Lovin’. Thanks to the fine folks at Filter for making this contest possible!

Unfortunately, Shelby Lynne’s label has also requested that we NOT post any full-length songs from the new record — a real shame, as the new album has a few wonderful folk cuts among the pop and smooth jazz, most especially Willie and Laura Mae Jones and How Can I Be Sure. This label-approved half-sized streaming clip of Dusty classic Breakfast in Bed says what it needs to, though…

  • PARTIAL CLIP: Shelby Lynne, Breakfast in Bed

    As a consolation prize, the nice folks at Filter gave us a SECOND autographed CD for a very lucky secret second place winner — and this time, we let the dog pick the winning number. Show your appreciation by buying Just a Little Lovin’ from their store, instead of a megastore. You can also download the sole Shelby Lynne original from that album over at Twangville, just below info about the new Willie Nelson release. And you can still hear some two-minute song samples at Shelby Lynne’s website.

    In the meantime, the above confusion leaves me post-less at the eleventh hour. But never fear! I’ll have a Wednesday post up soon…

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